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Guess who

Guess who did I share my bus ride with from Seattle to Redmond last sunday?
Grand daughter of Hafeez Jalendhary, poet of national anthem of Pakistan!

Hunger management

It all began in Italy. The mantra with which life was lived said, “Gelato every night”. True to the mantra, scoops of Gelato went missing every night from the shops of Italy. Multiply that by 12, and “N” amount of scoops were never seen again where N is a very large number. Gnocchi, pizza and pasta were attacked with the same passion. So, was the Italian version Coke. Mozzarella was wolfed down as if it was an international criminal. Back home from Italy, more (domestic) flying ensued and rich food was consumed again. Once at home, more silly food choices were made.

All the food has left blog owner way fatter than she left for Italy. The easy food (i.e. food that is served and not cooked by self/eater) also made her somewhat of sloth. Last 7 days have been tough on her. To avoid cooking she has been alternating between Maggi Instant noodles and Popcorn every SINGLE night for meal. And 2 times on weekends. Her palate is not able to come to the terms with the sudden change in fortune. Her friends think she is out of food. And out of money (which might be true, but then she spends $10 on coffee every 4th day and considers produce an expense to be avoided). Her friends decided to help her. They offered her food. She is grateful to her friends and moved by their generosity. Very very much (which makes her sad, as school is nearing end). She is also very embarrassed. She finally got some tomatoes and carrots and paneer and onion and ricotta cheese and sweetened condensed milk and fruit juice and milk to salvage her reputation. Hopefully, she makes good use of today’s shopping.

The fine art of art and around

I visited Denver Art Museum last week and a very fine place it is, I must admit. The museum is divided into 2 buildings – North building and newer Hamilton building. While North building houses (traditional) art in the traditional way from all over the world, the newer building is (in 1 word) jazzy.

The architect, Daniel Libeskind, drew inspiration from the beautiful Rockies while designing this building. The building being an interplay of different forms of geometry gives rise to so many various angles, slanting walls, unorthodox corners and different forms to space that you would hardly expect from a building. The art pieces too have been selected with utmost care. The art does the great justice to the spot it has been assigned and that very spot also brings out the best in the art. A few of the art pieces being chosen while the building was still under construction, so that the building can be customized for them and each other engage in a symbiosis of beauty.

This has a very strong and profound affect on the visitors. I, for one, felt dizzy at certain places, had the pulse quicken at other, temples throbbed at yet another, and had a greater visual intake at some. This was tightly integrated with what was on display and added to the meaning and beauty of art and the integration of art and space. Still, it was modern art on display, and some exhibits were totally lost on me. I am not a connoisseur and not even a know-er, so the blue painted square and the radials were just … just a blue square and radials to me.

All this experimentation with the space reminded me of my university’s Art Museum called Angles where no two walls meet at right angles. Climbing up and down the staircase is most peculiar and disorienting feeling. I feel, the Angles’ staircase is thus so that you can’t run up and down as it is no longer a realm of familiarity. It makes you take each step in consideration and slows you down so that you can look around and get a feel of the museum in a better way.

If you are around Denver, then do not miss DAM (Denver Art Museum) at all. Right now, it is exhibiting Vicki and Kent Logan’s art collection, out of which 3 were my favorites in the museum. I shall write about them later on, but I will stop goading about all the museums I have ever paid a visit right now.

Catching up

I have been too quiet lately, but then everybody has been. I have been hardly getting blog feed updates these days. And since the time I started using this Automatic update/RSS/Feed thing, I have forgotten all the URLs. I don’t remember any except for a few (<5) which belong to friends who belong to my world for a lot of years now. But, I like to remember my websites, and their URLs. At least, the one which I read almost daily.

Somehow, I can’t account for my time. My bills remain unpaid, last dates fast approaching, important telephone conversations unconversed, house dirty(much clean now, yesterday took care of it), too many things taken uncare of. But, in this period many books have been read. Millions of time units have passed since I read my last book, it was about time. Feverishly, passionately, devotedly, very very single mindedly. Almost with the same dedication that was reserved for movies sometime back.

Still June can’t be called all that. This month of June is labeled as “intaking as much of Denver, Rockies and nearby as I could”.
Too many tales it has, and an equal volume of photos. However, my duty of uploading the photos to Facebook has been fulfilled, had I not been cameraless, Flickr would have been another added expected duty.

There have been stories of witches, and natural soda springs, of $365/- fines to sudden recollection of listening to “Shadows and Tall trees” very late at night a year back.

That was that, I was even able to see fireworks on 4th of July. Beautiful and spectacular they were. Little burst of lights, in all colors, high up in the sky, growing away from each other, burning a portion of sky with themselves, as growing blobs, as bursting globes and as big bang.

Life has been on that lines. The latest development being, I ate salad as part of dinner, not some sidey dish, but as main side dish, and that water is no longer for me now, meals come with beverages and those beverages have ice cubes. These three – salad, beverage, ice – may hardly signify anything worthy but in reality such is not the case.
“Turning local” is what I would call it, I hope feverishly, passionately, devotedly, very very single mindedly (for now), next on the list is not that faux American accent, where “h”’s are vomited with the competitive spirit of some Spit competition. Ewww!

Advent of 2007

Hoping everyone a good year ahead (not the tire, but to them as well)

This winter break went exceptionally well, something which I had not been anticipating at all. Well, leaving Pune and the friends was the hardest thing this year. And having them missing and lacking those times had made me all blue-sy . But I got to meet my very own people this break. Not all of them, I would absolutely love that but at the same time it is very tough to manage that kind of feat, given we must be 15-20 of us. :)

So, a week in Raleigh, NC where I met 5 of my dear friends was absolutely thrilling, not to mention I skied for the very first time. I wasn’t good at it but I was not exceptionally bad at it either. I was not afraid of it but at the same time I was also not very comfortable with the speed a ski gathers. But, it was big big fun.

This was how it was

The fun did not stop here. I returned from Raleigh feeling ultra bad to leave the friends and good time back. It was the day of Christmas and I mocked myself to be alone on that day. Only to find a gift for me. :) It filled me with glee. I opened up the parcel like a hungry wolf and almost cried in disbelief. It was a leather overcoat from a friend – my ex roommate of the wonderful times in Pune. This was the same leather coat I borrowed from her several times in Pune, just because I liked it on me. 3 weeks before Christmas, I mentioned to her that as the temperature went sub zero for the first time in my life it reminded me of her coat. Little did I imagine, she would do this. I had not known that she would do a Santa to me.

@Dox ppl : now, the powers of Magica have been official transferred to me.
Well, I strutted around in her coat which now is mine.

And, if you think magic of this winter break stopped here for me, you are very wrong, because another Pune friend of mine paid me a visit.For one, I cooked a delicious dinner of which I am very proud of myself (since it was once in 100 years kind of thing) and then I had a whale of time looking around my state and not to forget some good meals I got to tuck. There are more photos and more stories (mostly scary ones) but later.. phew

Re living

Just Google Earthed and travelled from Magarpatta City to Koregaon Park. Sigh

Uniformed fashion

Just what struck me,

I did notice the low waist trousers. Noticed beacause back home it is not the same.

Shall we dance?

Today, went to Carmel Market. This road in Tel-Aviv has small shops on its either side. Small stalls dot entire length of Carmel. Here, you can buy stuff like artificial jewellery, fresh flowers or vegetables and even dry fruits. And then there are shops selling CDs, bags, fruits, footwear, key chains and all types of other odds and ends. This street is so crowded that it reminds you of a Sabzi Mandi (Vegetable Market) of India. The street is overflowing with people and their pets and the din is similar to a; well, fish market or the sabzi market(of course).

<Pic will be coming soon—am facing some problem uploading it now>

Besides all the noise being made by people and hawkers, the CD shop at the junction of Carmel and Nihlat-Bin Yamen street was playing uber loud music today. Well, that kinda sets tempo to the place. Anyways, there is always music playing or being played on streets of Tel-Aviv. But what surprised me was when I heard the “Mundiyan to bach ke rahii” there. :D As I walked ahead with a friend, the shop owner spotting some Indians came rushing to us and begged us to show/teach her some dance moves!!!
After hearing so many pleas, I finally stepped in and danced right there in the middle of the road with her :D and next thing I know, so many people are surrounding us in a circle and cheering. And it continued for the next round of dance on “Chori Chori, hum gori se pyaar karenge”

Geez! I am impulsive but dancing right in the middle of the street?!?!

Its so much fun when no one knows you.

Force of Habit

These days winds have a slight chill, here in Israel.

So spotting some amount of sunshine after an office meeting, I decided to sit by myself outside the building.
Soon I was lost in my thoughts and the comfort of warmth made me not notice a man approach me.
All I suddenly know, he is speaking to me (in Hebrew), and the lost soul I was, what do I say….

“Mala marathi yiat naahii”


Good Morning!!

As I read this post, I invariably smiled since it reminded me of today’s morning.

Then (the morning)
Today morning began with a start. My alarm which in reality is a nasty ugly frustrating sound which makes you run and throw the instrument playing this sound away has never failed to jolt me up from my slumber. Today was different. Like every other day I got up with a start because of the alarm, but today I jumped out of the bed as soon as I opened my eyes. My room had expanded, my bed and pillow were cushiony,room’s floor was carpeted. Everything was differnt. I was in a different place. “WHERE AM I?”, I breathed heavily to myself.

5 seconds of shock and then realization, I am not home, I am in Israel. I smiled at my stupidity and ran off to the bathroom to put the alarm off on my cellphone. My phone would have been shocked too last night when I put its adaptor in the socket meant for charging electric shaver. But anyways thats the only socket where the adaptor would fit in.

Now(the evening)
[smiling reproachingly]How could I forget that I am here. Esp. when, it has been wonderful this time. :)

Btw my ugly ringtone on my most wonderful phone

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