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Google Themes

I don’t know how long it has been there but you can select a theme for your Google homepage.

The best I like about it is that some themes correspond to the local time. This brings in some warm ambienceness to the page. Relatively simple idea, but wonderful execution.

Visual DNA!

Was directed to Visual DNA by Kavi

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

Hmm.. I quite like it.

“A completely new way of communicating using images.”, they call it. Certainly ticks a thought.

Its not phony, I do miss my old phone

This actually made me cry. I am all nostalgic.

I really really miss my phone. Somehow, I think if I get my phone back, my life would be all I want it to be.

Old whine, new times

Tomorrow starts the new day of my second semester of graduate education.

Right now, I am 18 years and 1 semester deep into my formal education. That’s not a small time. But yet, as I move from one class to other the quandary of organizing books, notes, articles, loose sheets of the previous class dogs me.

What am I to do? How should I organize them, that they take minimum space, don’t make room look cramped, are easily accessible, remain complete, easy to refer to, don’t depend upon memory to be useful, require least work.

My mom, whenever I go home, threatens to give/throw/dispose/get rid of my undergraduate books. “Or at least the notebooks”, she pleads. True, I haven’t looked at them since I got my degree, but that they are there is so comforting. What if, I ever need to know the Taylor Series, I can always pick up my Real Analysis notebook, the one whose cover is 2/3 torn, half of the remaining is toast dry (the sort where the paper dries after getting wet accidentally) and carries marks of water or the one where I hand drew the language tree in my linguistics class or the one where I designed that counter (I don’t even remember what it did, but oh! it was the exercise in Digital Electronics, the last assignment which tested it all, it was a toughie, but if you could design it, it was a cutie, does anyone remember that??). See, I can point my finger at a book and know which one I am talking about but sadly I have forgotten the contents of it.

True, nowadays mostly articles and notes are online, and you can write down lectures directly on your laptop, but that sudden inspired rush when the lecture makes total complete sense, or that design you think of, or something equally inspiring which rounds up the education usually ends up penciled in a notebook or a textbook. For me, at least.

Needed : a good idea for archiving the old class stuff.

On the same topic (of design, see the previous post )

I don’t quite like the fact that BLOGSPOT hides its permanent links behind the time [of the post].

Other thing I don’t like is the Windows Automatic Updates. They give a lil’ pop-up asking if you want to Restart your computer now or later. And they very helpfully, also inform that updates would not be applied till the machine is restarted.
The problem begins when you choose to restart your machine LATER. The pop-up keeps popping up with an alarming frequency of once in 10 minutes with the focus on…”Restart now” (Bingo!). Its would be just so unfortunate that you be left clicking or hitting the Return key right at the opportune moment when the pop-up pops. The remains are unsaved work or a friend at the other end who begins wondering what did he say to go offline so suddenly.

Reflections (shamelessly copied :P)

I am posting links to the “thoughts on/about design” my classmates acquired this semester and very meticulously collected by fellow classmate Mingxian. I am shamelessly just putting the links. For my defense, why re-invent the wheel (it has the perfect design, you see :P )

What is design? Opinions from my classmates.

Freakonomics and Design

I go by the name of sbhandar in the university database. Something which well, u can imagine I am not quite fond of, shrutib or sbhandari would have been just so much better. Well now, no jokes about my name. Meet me in Bloomington… sometime, otherwise.

MS OneNote and a dilemma

Though, have looked at MS OneNote from far away, I today used(tried) it for the first time.

My first notes on it :-

This seems so good that I am almost scared to use it!

Does that apply to Design too? Make something so precious and clean that a user feels hand tied to use it.

Seems to be a good question to ponder upon…& also at about time

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