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मज़ा आ गया| थोरा मुशकि ल है और बहुत गलि त भी करता है फि र भी मज़ा आ गया|

अब मुशकि ल नहीं लग रहा है पर I hope that इ और ई की माtra ज्लदि fix हॉ|

Phew but :)

For my friends


You are nowhere till you are not where you are needed.

You are needed here.

On what a pair of stilettos can achieve

I have always (again always) been a sneakers girl. That is the only thing that would fit my feet, my life, and my height which have been broad, simple and over towering in the order. I have been fiercely proud of my sneakers too. What else can assist you to run 50 errands in a day, adjust to your restlessness, impatience, long walks, cover and warm your feet…Stilettos, I discovered yesterday!

I moved and set up an entire house yesterday, from house hunting to bone china crockery, everything was achieved under one day. All done in one day and on a pair of stilettos. I had highly miscalculated the value of these tender yet strong things. :) I realize that [thanks to mum] I am gonna be strong, just the way I like to be, whatever it is. Also, a quick thanks to parents for the financial assistance, things could have been much worse otherwise.

The house is all set and ready. Now, I am just waiting for friends to drop by. And, in case you are wondering how much does it take to set up a house … 750ish and depending on other things a lot of heartache or lot of gleeful satiety.

Airtel Mother’s Day Offer and ear bursting IVR

I have been a very loyal and high business generating customer of Airtel back at homw. But I am not sure about this.
Mother's Day Airtel Offer
I am definitely interested in numbers and if the numbers are big, then profiles too :P

The other thing I am unsure about is Airtel’s CallHome (USA to India) service.
I used to think that Reliance needs to tone down the voice of IVR till I heard Airtel’s espresso shot generated enthusiasm IVR voice.
That day onwards Reliance’s voice started feeling like pure music to ears.
Till Reliance sniffed competition from its rival and decided enthusiasm was the key and now they have double espresso shot gulped down female blaring and welcoming us on the phone.

Someone please stop them.

Grad school report

Ironed clothes after a long time. Didn’t know they looked so good.

Tell me why

You know, how when you have sore throat you try to wait it out and never succeed. And, then you start drinking plain water while everyone else drinks chilled water choked with ice cubes. And still the malady persists. And then plain water is replaced by lukewarm water and a good night sleep is preceded by gargles. Not to mention, the days are interrupted with religious swallowing of soothing lozenges and viscous cough syrups. And they don’t help you any further.

And then you give up, irritated by two or three weeks of continual harshness and hoarsenes, decide to not care about it anymore. And then go to the most unhygienic gol gappe stall

the gol gappe stall, this is a random picture, don't think I am blaming it to unhygienic

and have a tummy full helping of the sour and spicy water and crispy gol gappe and then Boom! Next day you can sing like a cuckoo, open your mouth like whale. Everything is hunky dory, back to normal, happy as happy could be.


P.S. If only someone would direct me to gol gappe stall here or else chilled orange and apple juice would be the substitute. And a poor one!

Google Themes

I don’t know how long it has been there but you can select a theme for your Google homepage.

The best I like about it is that some themes correspond to the local time. This brings in some warm ambienceness to the page. Relatively simple idea, but wonderful execution.

My current roommate

too deserves a post of her own.

Agreed she makes tea for me, feeds with me with good food, gives me all important news of good deals around the town but she also twists my arm, box my ears, strangles me, switches off lights in my room when I am studying, and subjects me to her poetry

madmast hawaayein hain
mausam bhi suhaana hai
bandariya bhi pad rahi hai
kya educational zamaana hai

[I attribute her behavior to her being the youngest most in her family]

I knew grad school was never going to be easy.

Where the hell is everyone?

Well the question, partly because its spring break.

Rest comes form the videos I have been seeing – the travel videos.
First one – of Matt Harding

The link sent by Kavi (roommate of my previous days, and currently sender of the coolest things around net)

And this the other one; that I chanced upon yesterday, of Molotov Alva put together by filmmaker Douglas Gayeton.

I don’t quite understand this one, what is meant by “Molotov disappeared”. Does he no longer want to be, does he no longer want to be here?

Both these travelers, both “broken free” and both of them wanting to express it.

Here is a video which Molotov supposedly made.

He claims that there is no laughter track in real life, and the advertisers have led us into believing in them (something that believe too).
I am waiting for Molotov’s other videos, the purpose of the present ones are however, still unclear to me. Is he trying to examine his life in Second Life? He quotes Socrates, “An unexamined life is not worth living.” True, no contest, but what is the life that is totally spent in its own examination, is it life at all?

One of his(?) other video mention that some travelers journalize, some blog, some write, yada yada and some tape, and he has taken to taping his life. In Second World? What disturbs me is he is going to spend his entire life taping himself in second world to understand what he is becoming? Has not what become has become? Does not that need prodding?

Let me establish very clearly that I am no Second Life hater or anti-SL. Far from it, I believe that it has potentials for several things. Can it bring a change to way people earn? Yes. Can it bring a change in the way folks socialize? It has already started too.Can it change the way economics of the world? I don’t know and possibly even yes.
Is it worth giving up your real life/first life/straight world life completely. That I am very unsure of.

I know for the certain fact that people can acquire totally different personalities in online world, it is easy to do so, you have the personality you want to have. Messengers, chat rooms, online dating sites allowed all that. But in Second Life, not only you can have a new personality but a new life all together. Molotov is wandering around the whole island with a vestigial organ which is a remnant of his straight world entity, something that he will have to drag with himself, since it was his part and something entirely useless (to him).
The SL version of haunting past? The great escape trick?

It is true that laughter track does not exist in the real world and no one dances like Matt too(esp. when he claims that he is a bad dancer, :P , he dances better than me anyways). Are we missing the presence of laughter track too much that we escape into SL or do we want to run away from it that we want a refuge in SL?

One traveler clearly had me laughing, and other thinking and bit disturbed.
To each its own…
While I enjoy the actual spring I have been gushing too much around.

Visual DNA!

Was directed to Visual DNA by Kavi

Read my VisualDNA Get your own VisualDNA™

Hmm.. I quite like it.

“A completely new way of communicating using images.”, they call it. Certainly ticks a thought.

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