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Ok, wanted to take a print-out but the printer and computer simply refused to yield. Something was wrong with the printer. Ughh.. just before I started getting angry, I remembered those mails which I deleted without even giving them their 30 seconds of claim (yuck). The mails were mentioning something about movement of file system, hence the movements of printers from one place to other and other such blah..

Re-installed the nearest printer and bingo, had the document I wanted to read. But, had to delete all those old printers since the printing dialog box was taking ages to show up(as it had to show all the “unable-to-connect” printers). Felt bad while deleting them. They were the only proofs of all the cubicle changes I have had till now. 3 floors, 6 wings, 7 cubicles, 2 years, had half of the printers of the company installed on my computer. As I deleted them one-by-one, felt worse and worse, (I mean they are no la-coffee machines) but still… running from my seat to collect that warm paper churned out fresh by that machine, different run-ups from different seats…et al

Come on, they were just printers, ideal moments would be here and I can always install ALL of them again.
Something is wrong
with me.

Lost the touch

A lot of time has passed since I visited here, and so much tangible and untangible has changed. But then that happens to all and always, time does ensure that.

Few days back I took a rickshaw to someplace nearby and forgot my 1 GB data drive in that rick. While alighting out of the rick I realized what happened but ..
Funny! how that moment feels when you know you have left somehing behind and the all you have to do is grab to it and bring back your life, the way it was. Still funnier, how you just let it go. the way it slips
The dynamics and physics of such moments are different altogether.
Probably, they should be investigated more. But, I know those particular 1 seconds stretch like elastics of time but are slippery as eel. You realize what is happening but the matter-time composition of your surroundings melt in a way that it freezes.

Hmm…, but the good thing was I got my data drive back. On the way back to home; an hour later, some other rick, some other guy but by some happy co-incidence this driver (regular of the area nearby my residence) decides to keep that strange thing that Madam forgot with himself, so that enquiries yield results.
My data drive is very valuable to me.

But the story does not end here. I realized that I have lost it. The ability to be really sad and the ability to be really happy.
All that I felt during the episode were the problems I would be facing without my drive or the problems I would be facing to retrieve it. Though, you would hardly get attached emotionally to a data drive but loss of all the precious data should do more to you than just feeling bad about the whole thing.
I guess feeling bad was the only good thing that happened.

Probably, I have grown up, things have stopped affecting me.

Leading to redundancy

Well, due to lack of time and energy, I am taking the easy way out. Increasing Redundancy on net.


  • Watched beautifully done 15 Park Avenue, finally a good movie on the stands.
    Movie has an open end. What I think about it? Please read interpretation#1 on I could not find a link to the post, so if you are still interested, please search it there. His first interpretation exactly matches what I concluded of the movie. So, just giving his link instead rather than writing—> which brings me to the topic of increasing redundancy. Well, I could have saved this post and not written anything and saved myself this much effort and not contributed to redundancy. But, I wanted to write beacause I wanted to, so gave the link since I would have written the same [content-wise] and hence actually saved the net from redundancy.

    [P.S. GOT IT .. the link to the Gaurav Sabnis’s post by the writer himself :)]

  • So while I still wrestle in my mind whether I did contribute or not to; by now, our dear REDUNDANCY, I am immediately transpoted to Zooropa where they speak of “A Bluer kind of white “

I’ll leave here. Probably open ends are in vogue.

There it goes

2005 – a year of sheer magic and intoxication.

Will always be drunk on you. Celebrating you right now. Contemplating about you.

Silhouette of what it can be. Proof of what it should be.
Route for routes.

Happy New Year.

Wishing you a wonderful time ahead

What has happened to this dog-eat-dog world?
I guess all were eaten up and hence we have been left with hearts of gold.

I keep on bumping in to the people who are more than ready to help. What a wonderful feeling is to live and be with such people.
Thank you WORLD! for being so wonderful to me. Thanks a lot. Hope you too have a wonderful time ahead :)

Happy Holidays


A busy person finds time for everything.

and I hope this finishes the dry run here as well.

Take a look

Found them while browsing. Did not have much time to look at them leisurely or to learn more about them. But, in my opinion they are amazing!

Leaving you

My trip comes to an end.
In 2 days I will be travelling back home.

Its a strange feeling which I am expiriencing.
Though I don’t feel attached to this place, a strange sense of association has formed.
The politeness I found and encountered here will haunt me for a while.

The vast stretchededness of this place seems agreeable now.
There are no memories to look back upon yet the stay here has left a pale mark on my mind.

Though I can’t put my finger on how I feel, I know there is sense of inadequcy creeping over.
I am leaving behind a very different world.

Though, I have not been able to make friends here, some people have impressed me beyond doubt.
Their joviality their enthusiasm has made me feel special.

Here’s for Dallas.


Now that I can say, “I have seen world” at least in some small amount of measure, I have concluded 2 things.

1->English is not Lingua Survivala. Spanish is.

2->No matter how technologically advanced does USA becomes, no matter how much they gain nano-tech wise, pyro-tech wise, nucleo-tech wise, they can never make good fans. Yes; People, fans here don’t seem to work. They just spin around their center but just don’t achieve functionally what they should do.

So, take your own desi fans to USA and get acquainted with Spanish.

Out goes the smoke

When smokers need a break they go to smoking room.
When non-smokers need a break where do they go? [other than bathrooms :D]

This place has a very beautiful and calm smoking area. It is out in the open with few chairs to seat you and then a multi boarded wooden plank which walks you to a grill. The wooden “bridge” is flanked by a big lovely tree on its one side. The shade, leaves and beautiful mauve flowers tower and sober the other side too. There are few metal stools underneath the tree. Gives you a nice medidative environment.

So, folks my favourite place here is Smoking Area.
I am a regular frequenter with a cup of coffee or water in my fingers.
Out goes the smoke.

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