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MS OneNote and a dilemma

Though, have looked at MS OneNote from far away, I today used(tried) it for the first time.

My first notes on it :-

This seems so good that I am almost scared to use it!

Does that apply to Design too? Make something so precious and clean that a user feels hand tied to use it.

Seems to be a good question to ponder upon…& also at about time

Rice, Dal, Tea, Sugarkake & Oreos

Spending days and nights and hours over one thing, thinking intensely over it, and reaching a mutual decision to adopt something else. Going gets tough. It better be good in the end. Should learn something out of it.

When I disagree, or worry I eat. The results are showing :( Oh bother! geez :( It had to happen kya?

A night at JFK

So, after missing the flight, I get a new boarding pass (of the same flight but just 24 hours after the one I was sheduled on)with a feeling, “Don’t ask for a compensation. We are not responsible.”
And I am carrying at least 67kg worth of weight and I have no where to turn to, nowhere to go, can’t even think of which questions should I be asking and to whom. I have no coins to place a call, there are no people around, I don’t remember which elevator I came through, all I see is roads, roads that go to the city, roads having happy people in the cars they can afford or can’t. And, I am standing on the road with 67kg of luggage trying to remember where to walk to get back to the airport before getting lost in the city. Gingerly, I make my way to the airtrain’s station of the JFK airport, to find some kind officer standing there who offers me 5 quarters in place of $1. The extra quarter, I can always give to someone needy, he informs when I tell him he has given me an extra coin. I am fine till now. I make a frantic call to a friend, thinking about the extra day I could have spent with my mom and that I didn’t look in her eyes while leaving and that as soon as I entered the Delhi airport, I realized that I need to give her one more hug, that I absolutely need to do that but its too late and all that thought kills me. It strucks me if I really want all this and I want to be home. I really want to be at home. I think about Paulo Coehlo and think whether everything is going to crash. And then, I think probably I have lost my mind. Its just a flight.

After trapeezing through Air India and Delta counters with all that luggage(pushing it up the steep long ramp , ambling it down the ramp a couple of times), I realize at 11’O clock in the night, that I am on my own with no help to speak-of at all. I spend a lot of money to store my baggage at the airport and try to get some rest in the fitful bouts of sleep I get. Only, to get up in the morning, to find myself staring at the MasterCard Ad.
“Seeing the real New York.

Shall we dance?

Today, went to Carmel Market. This road in Tel-Aviv has small shops on its either side. Small stalls dot entire length of Carmel. Here, you can buy stuff like artificial jewellery, fresh flowers or vegetables and even dry fruits. And then there are shops selling CDs, bags, fruits, footwear, key chains and all types of other odds and ends. This street is so crowded that it reminds you of a Sabzi Mandi (Vegetable Market) of India. The street is overflowing with people and their pets and the din is similar to a; well, fish market or the sabzi market(of course).

<Pic will be coming soon—am facing some problem uploading it now>

Besides all the noise being made by people and hawkers, the CD shop at the junction of Carmel and Nihlat-Bin Yamen street was playing uber loud music today. Well, that kinda sets tempo to the place. Anyways, there is always music playing or being played on streets of Tel-Aviv. But what surprised me was when I heard the “Mundiyan to bach ke rahii” there. :D As I walked ahead with a friend, the shop owner spotting some Indians came rushing to us and begged us to show/teach her some dance moves!!!
After hearing so many pleas, I finally stepped in and danced right there in the middle of the road with her :D and next thing I know, so many people are surrounding us in a circle and cheering. And it continued for the next round of dance on “Chori Chori, hum gori se pyaar karenge”

Geez! I am impulsive but dancing right in the middle of the street?!?!

Its so much fun when no one knows you.

Force of Habit

These days winds have a slight chill, here in Israel.

So spotting some amount of sunshine after an office meeting, I decided to sit by myself outside the building.
Soon I was lost in my thoughts and the comfort of warmth made me not notice a man approach me.
All I suddenly know, he is speaking to me (in Hebrew), and the lost soul I was, what do I say….

“Mala marathi yiat naahii”


Leading to redundancy

Well, due to lack of time and energy, I am taking the easy way out. Increasing Redundancy on net.


  • Watched beautifully done 15 Park Avenue, finally a good movie on the stands.
    Movie has an open end. What I think about it? Please read interpretation#1 on I could not find a link to the post, so if you are still interested, please search it there. His first interpretation exactly matches what I concluded of the movie. So, just giving his link instead rather than writing—> which brings me to the topic of increasing redundancy. Well, I could have saved this post and not written anything and saved myself this much effort and not contributed to redundancy. But, I wanted to write beacause I wanted to, so gave the link since I would have written the same [content-wise] and hence actually saved the net from redundancy.

    [P.S. GOT IT .. the link to the Gaurav Sabnis’s post by the writer himself :)]

  • So while I still wrestle in my mind whether I did contribute or not to; by now, our dear REDUNDANCY, I am immediately transpoted to Zooropa where they speak of “A Bluer kind of white “

I’ll leave here. Probably open ends are in vogue.

Some daze

Have been a very busy and sleepless month and now it appears to be just the beginning of the grand beginning. Grand not as in pompous but grand as in too big to be digested. I feel as if I am stading near one end of the pendulum – which end , does not matter. Wherever it swings, the gong is gonna crash into my head.

Hope endless nights at the office come to an end soon.

Had a real break yesterday after a long time.
Though true, went for The Exorcism of Emily Rose some time back but being what I am, brought myself more troubles than I had bargained for.
Yest night was wonderful. shared a lovely walk with the best of my friends. Nothing special said or exchanged but was walking with her after a long time. She is the only relief to my jumbled and swollen nerves these days.

Watched Before Sunset also. This was the second time. Enjoyed Delpy’s concerns for world and description of depression of Hawke. Cherished the ferry boat ride [in the movie] and the ideas about perfect and honest self. But loved the last scene most. Fading, subtle, relaxing and powerful.

“Maybe… you gonna miss the flight”...”I know..” Nina Simone playing in the background. What an imprint.

Coming of age

Few days back, went back to my place, Delhi. The nip in the air was invigorating, least to say. Got so nostalgic that brought back a sweater to the place where monsoons are the coolest time around.

However, the post is about the technology and awareness affecting the Gol Gappe.

Gol Gappe
The Gol Gappe which begged for space here belonged to Gulab. (This is also the place where I got my mithai from)
So, probably because of their SFA association, a bhai with a hand in a plastic bag secured by a rubber band picks up the crust…shell; what the heck, a gol-guppa & keeps it under a FP (fountian pepsi) – type machine. Zoom! the gappa is filled with the pani.

Well, heard about something like this a couplaa years back but was very amused this time.

As far as this treat goes, it was good except the Gol Gappa Pani could have done with being a lil less concentrated.

Smiling secretly

Today might have been very very bad day, and it might had given me a chance to smile only onve somewhere during its middle…
It might have stressed me ,tensed me, tested me…
It might have failed me, cursed me, laughed upon me…
It might have left me exhausted, wondering, contemplating and very very scared…

In the end I have got certain somethings figured out and they are going to stay.
I know travails of the today would be spilled tomorrow or probably day after.
But I also know what I learnt and felt and revealed to myself will stay with me for life.
I am smiling now, secretly.
[The day is ending and wronged me as much as it could but still could not stop me from smiling]

My first entry

from my laptop. :)
I’ll be putting up pictures later. I just don’t want to leave it alone for now.

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