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Hunger management

It all began in Italy. The mantra with which life was lived said, “Gelato every night”. True to the mantra, scoops of Gelato went missing every night from the shops of Italy. Multiply that by 12, and “N” amount of scoops were never seen again where N is a very large number. Gnocchi, pizza and pasta were attacked with the same passion. So, was the Italian version Coke. Mozzarella was wolfed down as if it was an international criminal. Back home from Italy, more (domestic) flying ensued and rich food was consumed again. Once at home, more silly food choices were made.

All the food has left blog owner way fatter than she left for Italy. The easy food (i.e. food that is served and not cooked by self/eater) also made her somewhat of sloth. Last 7 days have been tough on her. To avoid cooking she has been alternating between Maggi Instant noodles and Popcorn every SINGLE night for meal. And 2 times on weekends. Her palate is not able to come to the terms with the sudden change in fortune. Her friends think she is out of food. And out of money (which might be true, but then she spends $10 on coffee every 4th day and considers produce an expense to be avoided). Her friends decided to help her. They offered her food. She is grateful to her friends and moved by their generosity. Very very much (which makes her sad, as school is nearing end). She is also very embarrassed. She finally got some tomatoes and carrots and paneer and onion and ricotta cheese and sweetened condensed milk and fruit juice and milk to salvage her reputation. Hopefully, she makes good use of today’s shopping.

Living in darkness

My expenditure on light bulbs far exceeds grocery and rent included.

Here is why.

Rough but accurate timeline of bulbs that (lived &) died in my room

Bulb#1 – when a friend visited. I was moving stuff around the room and knocked the lamp over. The bulb could not withhold the fall and crash
Bulb#2 – when I switched the lamp off and on really fast really early one morning
Bulb#3 – early evening, I came back from classes, switch on the bulb, decide to take a nap, switch it off, that was the end of it
Bulb#4 – suddenly bulb fuses
Bulb#5 – I was living temporarily somewhere for a couple of months, 3 weeks before I left for home, the light bulb fused
Bulb#6 – another bulb went kaput in the above mentioned house 2 days before I left it
Bulb#7 – I have a pretty paper lantern inside my office, poor thing is the only source of life and warmth in otherwise cold, scary but cool! office. The bulb fused one evening
Bulb#8 – I swear there was a 5 second delay between switch off and on, RIP again bedroom light

8 light bulbs. Quite a record in 2 years

On what a pair of stilettos can achieve

I have always (again always) been a sneakers girl. That is the only thing that would fit my feet, my life, and my height which have been broad, simple and over towering in the order. I have been fiercely proud of my sneakers too. What else can assist you to run 50 errands in a day, adjust to your restlessness, impatience, long walks, cover and warm your feet…Stilettos, I discovered yesterday!

I moved and set up an entire house yesterday, from house hunting to bone china crockery, everything was achieved under one day. All done in one day and on a pair of stilettos. I had highly miscalculated the value of these tender yet strong things. :) I realize that [thanks to mum] I am gonna be strong, just the way I like to be, whatever it is. Also, a quick thanks to parents for the financial assistance, things could have been much worse otherwise.

The house is all set and ready. Now, I am just waiting for friends to drop by. And, in case you are wondering how much does it take to set up a house … 750ish and depending on other things a lot of heartache or lot of gleeful satiety.

Look ma, no ugly shoes

Today is a memorable day, of sorts.

I BOUGHT A PAIR OF SANDALS FOR MYSELF! On the scale of high-points-in-my-life, this event ranks high. Because it has been so rare in my life. Hardly ever, a sandal would fit my feet. I will dismally settle down for sport shoes, or some other footwear which I would hate from the bottom of my heart. Because there is nothing, noTHING that would fit these giant feet.

Was I thrilled to see pretty sandals for women with big feet? Oh boy! that is not even a question. I was, I was, I was is the answer if you have not guessed.

{One caveat though : Sandals might be available for larger feet, but they still come with heels. Heels is something I don’t prefer in my footwear. But oh well! This is a beginning, and I will embrace it with open arms. (read Beggars can’t be choosers, has become too deeply ingrained), I guess a bit of heal has done no one a harm except the those who have been stepped on, I can live with them}

today-is-a-happy-day-i-am-happy-today-is-a-happy-day-i-am-happy-ta-ra-ra-ta-ra-ra :)

The Laptop

Apropos of the claim comes the details.

The review of my shiny new Dell Inspiron 6000 here.

And it looks like Dell Inspiron 6000 - flap closed
Dell Inspiron 6000

Catch more reviews here

The specs of my laptop reads :

  • CPU Intel Pentium M Processor 740 (1.73GHz/2MB Cache/533MHz FSB)

  • OS Microsoft Windows XP Professional, Service Pack 2, English, for Inspiron

  • RAM 1GB, Shared DDR2,400MHz

  • HDD 80GB Ultra ATA Hard Drive

  • Optical Drive 8X DVD+RW / R & CD-RW Combo Drive

  • Display/Resolution 15.4 inch WSXGA+ LCD Panel

  • Graphics Integrated Intel Media Accelerator 9000 Graphics

  • Wireless Networking Intel® Pro Wireless 2200 802.11b/g & Bluetooth

  • Ports Four USB 2.0, FireWire, VGA, S-Video, headphone, modem, mic, Ethernet

  • Weight 7.5 lbs

  • Dimensions 10.5×14 x 1.5