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Yet another use of my education

Either people living in the apartment above mine are deliberately trying to annoy me (and being successful at that) or they are just plain annoying.

For last 30 minutes, I am being subjected to extremely loud and distracting music with very catchy beats. I forgive them for this act. I might have unknowingly done the same to others, though I am very cautious when i play music. But, when I start singing… that’s a whole new level. Hence, they are purged off their music sins.

But what really is unpardonable is their act of landing with a THUMP on the ground. People living above me, this act can’t be overlooked. Numerous times my heart has leapt into my mouth, so strong your impact is. I am never quite sure if it is a natural calamity or people-living-above-me-made calamity. You have to have to stop. Especially at 4 AM. What in the whole world are you even doing? Do you toss obelisks on ground to pass time and have fun? Seriously, I would not be surprised if you come crashing into my house through the roof. In fact, I expect it. And as a woman full of vengeance, I have strewn floor of my room with lots and lots of stuff. Sure, it is inconvenient for me, when I go away from my computer but you see, that is rare, very rare. The day you fall in my room, all the things are gonna rebound and land on you. You would be lying in the debris of wood & paint and books & print outs.

You have been warned. And very severely at that.

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