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One of my friends does not like Oreo, he does NOT like Oreo. I absolutely love those bundles of creamy sweetness in trickle of bitterness. Later on, I even discovered my friend (the same one) does not know about S’mores. Which made me describe S’more to him, which (obvious by now) made me long for them. Which (very unobviously) made me (well, uh) miss school.

There are several reasons why I am missing my school (somewhat, I mean all that academic work and research is duly missed, neither more nor less) but I miss my friends and professors, they are truly a terrific combination. And, everyone goes out of their way to ensure the international students feel at home, don’t feel much lonely. A couple of campfires have been organized (school sponsored!, and on road trips with class), and all of them have been attended. S’mores discovered me at these camp fires and are relished very muchly by me.

So a quick S’more-for-a-dummy 13 step guide.

  1. Get a campfire burning
  2. Gather friends
  3. Get a long metallic skewer
  4. Hook a marshmallow to one end of skewer
  5. Poke it in fire
  6. till its golden brown
  7. Ask a friend to put a bar of Hershey’s plain chocolate on a graham cracker*
  8. Take out the golden brown marshmallow out of fire
  9. Slap it in on the chocolate on the graham cracker thingie
  10. Put another graham cracker on top of it
  11. Get a hold on this sandwich, tighten grip, pull out the skewer off your grub in one nice quick liquid motion as if you are drawing sword out of its scabbard
  12. Ideally, heat from marshmallow would have melted the chocolate bar a bit
  13. Pop in mouth, enjoy

Since a picture is worth 13 steps >>
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Aah, to go back to school, and to one of the picnics and prepare and have ‘em :)

*Graham cracker – pronounced gram cracker [a as in ham]. These are thin biscuits like, very crunchy, do not have much of taste, quite coarse, and induce a “Marie” like feeling

Brad said,

August 13, 2007 @ 6:01 pm

I always thought this illustration would go well with an article :)

Shr said,

August 13, 2007 @ 6:06 pm

Brad, I think your illustration is a brilliant one!

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