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Other sort of fine art

There is so much that misses our eye, now that we have become so dependent on technology.
Bluebike comes up with a wonderful wonderful cute post, written in a very very different yet common way.
So much overlooked that it seems exotic to me!

Late P.S. I am also aware of this, but I find the two posts totally different.

The fine art of art and around

I visited Denver Art Museum last week and a very fine place it is, I must admit. The museum is divided into 2 buildings – North building and newer Hamilton building. While North building houses (traditional) art in the traditional way from all over the world, the newer building is (in 1 word) jazzy.

The architect, Daniel Libeskind, drew inspiration from the beautiful Rockies while designing this building. The building being an interplay of different forms of geometry gives rise to so many various angles, slanting walls, unorthodox corners and different forms to space that you would hardly expect from a building. The art pieces too have been selected with utmost care. The art does the great justice to the spot it has been assigned and that very spot also brings out the best in the art. A few of the art pieces being chosen while the building was still under construction, so that the building can be customized for them and each other engage in a symbiosis of beauty.

This has a very strong and profound affect on the visitors. I, for one, felt dizzy at certain places, had the pulse quicken at other, temples throbbed at yet another, and had a greater visual intake at some. This was tightly integrated with what was on display and added to the meaning and beauty of art and the integration of art and space. Still, it was modern art on display, and some exhibits were totally lost on me. I am not a connoisseur and not even a know-er, so the blue painted square and the radials were just … just a blue square and radials to me.

All this experimentation with the space reminded me of my university’s Art Museum called Angles where no two walls meet at right angles. Climbing up and down the staircase is most peculiar and disorienting feeling. I feel, the Angles’ staircase is thus so that you can’t run up and down as it is no longer a realm of familiarity. It makes you take each step in consideration and slows you down so that you can look around and get a feel of the museum in a better way.

If you are around Denver, then do not miss DAM (Denver Art Museum) at all. Right now, it is exhibiting Vicki and Kent Logan’s art collection, out of which 3 were my favorites in the museum. I shall write about them later on, but I will stop goading about all the museums I have ever paid a visit right now.


One of my friends does not like Oreo, he does NOT like Oreo. I absolutely love those bundles of creamy sweetness in trickle of bitterness. Later on, I even discovered my friend (the same one) does not know about S’mores. Which made me describe S’more to him, which (obvious by now) made me long for them. Which (very unobviously) made me (well, uh) miss school.

There are several reasons why I am missing my school (somewhat, I mean all that academic work and research is duly missed, neither more nor less) but I miss my friends and professors, they are truly a terrific combination. And, everyone goes out of their way to ensure the international students feel at home, don’t feel much lonely. A couple of campfires have been organized (school sponsored!, and on road trips with class), and all of them have been attended. S’mores discovered me at these camp fires and are relished very muchly by me.

So a quick S’more-for-a-dummy 13 step guide.

  1. Get a campfire burning
  2. Gather friends
  3. Get a long metallic skewer
  4. Hook a marshmallow to one end of skewer
  5. Poke it in fire
  6. till its golden brown
  7. Ask a friend to put a bar of Hershey’s plain chocolate on a graham cracker*
  8. Take out the golden brown marshmallow out of fire
  9. Slap it in on the chocolate on the graham cracker thingie
  10. Put another graham cracker on top of it
  11. Get a hold on this sandwich, tighten grip, pull out the skewer off your grub in one nice quick liquid motion as if you are drawing sword out of its scabbard
  12. Ideally, heat from marshmallow would have melted the chocolate bar a bit
  13. Pop in mouth, enjoy

Since a picture is worth 13 steps >>
[Pic from]

Aah, to go back to school, and to one of the picnics and prepare and have ‘em :)

*Graham cracker – pronounced gram cracker [a as in ham]. These are thin biscuits like, very crunchy, do not have much of taste, quite coarse, and induce a “Marie” like feeling

Catching up

I have been too quiet lately, but then everybody has been. I have been hardly getting blog feed updates these days. And since the time I started using this Automatic update/RSS/Feed thing, I have forgotten all the URLs. I don’t remember any except for a few (<5) which belong to friends who belong to my world for a lot of years now. But, I like to remember my websites, and their URLs. At least, the one which I read almost daily.

Somehow, I can’t account for my time. My bills remain unpaid, last dates fast approaching, important telephone conversations unconversed, house dirty(much clean now, yesterday took care of it), too many things taken uncare of. But, in this period many books have been read. Millions of time units have passed since I read my last book, it was about time. Feverishly, passionately, devotedly, very very single mindedly. Almost with the same dedication that was reserved for movies sometime back.

Still June can’t be called all that. This month of June is labeled as “intaking as much of Denver, Rockies and nearby as I could”.
Too many tales it has, and an equal volume of photos. However, my duty of uploading the photos to Facebook has been fulfilled, had I not been cameraless, Flickr would have been another added expected duty.

There have been stories of witches, and natural soda springs, of $365/- fines to sudden recollection of listening to “Shadows and Tall trees” very late at night a year back.

That was that, I was even able to see fireworks on 4th of July. Beautiful and spectacular they were. Little burst of lights, in all colors, high up in the sky, growing away from each other, burning a portion of sky with themselves, as growing blobs, as bursting globes and as big bang.

Life has been on that lines. The latest development being, I ate salad as part of dinner, not some sidey dish, but as main side dish, and that water is no longer for me now, meals come with beverages and those beverages have ice cubes. These three – salad, beverage, ice – may hardly signify anything worthy but in reality such is not the case.
“Turning local” is what I would call it, I hope feverishly, passionately, devotedly, very very single mindedly (for now), next on the list is not that faux American accent, where “h”’s are vomited with the competitive spirit of some Spit competition. Ewww!