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Memories - I

Adia by Sarah McLachlan

I won’t forget you by Princessa

Sweet like chocolate by Shanks & Bigfoot

Re-volt screenshot
Screenshot from the game Re-volt

These are some of the things that I continuously spent time on some 7-8 years back.
It is but a co-incidence that I searched about and found out one of them today while my brother also chose today to find the rest of them and forward it to me.
Today, they made me smile so much. I am totally mesmerized!

Yin Yang

I am surprised by the amount of daily domestic work I end up doing. I am living all by myself and very diligently attending to the household chores. Alright, alright every other day. But there is surprising amount of cooking, cleaning, scrubbing, tidying up to be done every day (or every other day). Even if I scale up the effort to what it was when I was living with two other people, it just is not proportional. Frankly, if it had been India, I would have hired a bai/mai (household help) till now but such is life. I have no clue how a person of humble habits and means such as me can generate so much amount of work.

Besides that, I have sort of settled in this house. To begin with, it was tough, there was just no one around, and I hardly got to speak anything the entire day. My friends Neha, Kavi, Harshal took upon themselves to retrieve me from the non communication shell I was being drawn into. Joint efforts have ensured that I get to talk a lot, almost talk-a-ton types and lately, the distraction of internet and daily supply of movies has made life much more hectic, and enjoyable. As far as daily supply of movies is concerned, there is one or one and a half which are going down my system. All this watching movie business has thrown a lot of situations where a word in a particular language would mean something totally different in other language and these situations have been hilariously funny. Such is also mingling of cultures and languages, it can only get very interesting. About talk-a-ton, I have been finally able to achieve my year long goal of getting those rollover minutes utilized which I do not know why gives me a happy kick inside. I feel like monthly bills of $45 are finally getting justified.

With a friend just arriving in this town, there is suddenly much more to look forward to. And then there would be two more friends, who would be here for a short trip, one of whom tried to strangulate me twice in past, the other one tried very hard to steal my dearest cap. My social diary has taken such a sudden turn [even if I get away without my funeral and with my cap], that I have decided to take a big step, suspend my movie subscription. And that would mean a lot to Kavi, because all her conversations begin by her asking me “Which one today?” which totally signifies this month of May for me.

May has presented to me a range of emotions and of all contrasts, I had strangers becoming my friends, I made one more place my home even though I have hardly got to be home at all this month, happy and disappointing moments. This really has been a yin-yang month. If I was effected, time ensured that I taste a totally opposite feeling too. Very nicely balanced.