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On what a pair of stilettos can achieve

I have always (again always) been a sneakers girl. That is the only thing that would fit my feet, my life, and my height which have been broad, simple and over towering in the order. I have been fiercely proud of my sneakers too. What else can assist you to run 50 errands in a day, adjust to your restlessness, impatience, long walks, cover and warm your feet…Stilettos, I discovered yesterday!

I moved and set up an entire house yesterday, from house hunting to bone china crockery, everything was achieved under one day. All done in one day and on a pair of stilettos. I had highly miscalculated the value of these tender yet strong things. :) I realize that [thanks to mum] I am gonna be strong, just the way I like to be, whatever it is. Also, a quick thanks to parents for the financial assistance, things could have been much worse otherwise.

The house is all set and ready. Now, I am just waiting for friends to drop by. And, in case you are wondering how much does it take to set up a house … 750ish and depending on other things a lot of heartache or lot of gleeful satiety.

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