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Microsoft Surface

Place a Wi-Fi capable digital camera onto the table and watch as pictures spill out on the surface. You can “grab” the photos with your hands – enlarge, stretch and drag them and order prints and postcards.

When shopping, place two items on the table and instantly compare product information.


Click here to see!

A more comprehensive view of the whole thing here.


मज़ा आ गया| थोरा मुशकि ल है और बहुत गलि त भी करता है फि र भी मज़ा आ गया|

अब मुशकि ल नहीं लग रहा है पर I hope that इ और ई की माtra ज्लदि fix हॉ|

Phew but :)

Missing features (bugs?) in Photo sharing sites

An online photo album should provide flexibility to people (trusted friends) to add some of the pictures in your albums to their own gallery.

I don’t have a camera (there are long and sob stories behind it, but crux is I don’t posses a camera these days). But that does not stop me from having memorable and splendid time with friends. Such moments are duly clicked, uploaded and the links sent. And then, what next. What am I to do if I want to view/show around those pictures later. Dive into haystack of mails to find that single mail which might hold the clue of the location of MY (not from my camera but mine) photos.

Good will become if the photos are sharable.


Facebook is down

This is terrible, SHOULD NOT HAPPEN.

(I mean neither the facebook site should be down nor should I fret so much about it)

Have to stop self from trying to log on after every 90 seconds.

Its like missing the first shot of caffiene in the morning.

UPDATE: Oh! Its up, its up, its up!

For my friends


You are nowhere till you are not where you are needed.

You are needed here.

On what a pair of stilettos can achieve

I have always (again always) been a sneakers girl. That is the only thing that would fit my feet, my life, and my height which have been broad, simple and over towering in the order. I have been fiercely proud of my sneakers too. What else can assist you to run 50 errands in a day, adjust to your restlessness, impatience, long walks, cover and warm your feet…Stilettos, I discovered yesterday!

I moved and set up an entire house yesterday, from house hunting to bone china crockery, everything was achieved under one day. All done in one day and on a pair of stilettos. I had highly miscalculated the value of these tender yet strong things. :) I realize that [thanks to mum] I am gonna be strong, just the way I like to be, whatever it is. Also, a quick thanks to parents for the financial assistance, things could have been much worse otherwise.

The house is all set and ready. Now, I am just waiting for friends to drop by. And, in case you are wondering how much does it take to set up a house … 750ish and depending on other things a lot of heartache or lot of gleeful satiety.

Airtel Mother’s Day Offer and ear bursting IVR

I have been a very loyal and high business generating customer of Airtel back at homw. But I am not sure about this.
Mother's Day Airtel Offer
I am definitely interested in numbers and if the numbers are big, then profiles too :P

The other thing I am unsure about is Airtel’s CallHome (USA to India) service.
I used to think that Reliance needs to tone down the voice of IVR till I heard Airtel’s espresso shot generated enthusiasm IVR voice.
That day onwards Reliance’s voice started feeling like pure music to ears.
Till Reliance sniffed competition from its rival and decided enthusiasm was the key and now they have double espresso shot gulped down female blaring and welcoming us on the phone.

Someone please stop them.