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Continuing on Google themes …

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I think if they can add some weather information to their themes, it would be just so good.

Edit : And oh! there also needs to be an easy way to change themes and switching locations, that too is missing.

Sameer said,

April 9, 2007 @ 4:21 pm

If you log in to Yahoo! Mail, you will see the thick horizontal bar changes color depending on the time of the day an it also shows clouds, sun, showers etc to indicate the weather on it.
I like Yahoo!

shruti said,

April 10, 2007 @ 9:43 am

I almost waited for half a day to notice the changes that occur to the Y! bar as you mentioned.

Needlessly to say, it is quiet good. I like the way blue color changes its hue throughout the day and the way weather information has been displayed very niftily. I have seen so many cluttered bars, this one is a nicely organized and spatially co-ordinated bar.

What I was referring to was ambiance in information representation. I would refer to change in hue and tome of blue color as that ambient information, the same way Google theme bar changes its color.

However, if ambient information can also be provided for weather rather than direct numbers, it would suit the the theme of Google bar, it might look a bit out of place for Y! bar though. Agreed, that people need their weather information to be precise and thus direct information is more welcome than an indirect clue. But, ambient information provides a different kind of ‘warmth’ in the viewer’s eye.

Anyways, Y! has and hence is the way it is representing information.

I like good innovations and designs coming from either camp ;)

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