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Archive for April, 2007

Grad school report

Ironed clothes after a long time. Didn’t know they looked so good.

Panipuri - An intorduction to perfection in food design

Found a hilarious slideshow for gol guppe aka panipuri, incidentally slides also talk about user centeredness and design.

This slideshow belongs to Thakkar. IMHO, must see.

Late Edit: The creator of the slide posts it in his blog

Hacking the password

Generally the laptop’s keys has this fine grain type of matt surface, the longer you use your laptop, it starts to wear away. Hold your laptop at a certain angle and you can find certain area on keys glossing over and shining an oily shine.

You can take a look at spacebar (at lest my spacebar) and easily tell whether I am left handed or right handed. So, what can be tone of the possible ways of hacking or “overlooking” it :-

1) If there is some major form filling season going on in the person’s life, just look for the shiniest keys and then sit in a corner trying to work out all the possible permutations or combinations
2) If the life is quite normal in the person’s life, assume his/her password is stored in the computer, look at the least shiny keys.

P.S. Of course, there are blaring pitfalls, but that is not the point, you see.

Continuing on Google themes …

[from here]

I think if they can add some weather information to their themes, it would be just so good.

Edit : And oh! there also needs to be an easy way to change themes and switching locations, that too is missing.

Tell me why

You know, how when you have sore throat you try to wait it out and never succeed. And, then you start drinking plain water while everyone else drinks chilled water choked with ice cubes. And still the malady persists. And then plain water is replaced by lukewarm water and a good night sleep is preceded by gargles. Not to mention, the days are interrupted with religious swallowing of soothing lozenges and viscous cough syrups. And they don’t help you any further.

And then you give up, irritated by two or three weeks of continual harshness and hoarsenes, decide to not care about it anymore. And then go to the most unhygienic gol gappe stall

the gol gappe stall, this is a random picture, don't think I am blaming it to unhygienic

and have a tummy full helping of the sour and spicy water and crispy gol gappe and then Boom! Next day you can sing like a cuckoo, open your mouth like whale. Everything is hunky dory, back to normal, happy as happy could be.


P.S. If only someone would direct me to gol gappe stall here or else chilled orange and apple juice would be the substitute. And a poor one!