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Archive for February, 2007

Its not phony, I do miss my old phone

This actually made me cry. I am all nostalgic.

I really really miss my phone. Somehow, I think if I get my phone back, my life would be all I want it to be.


  1. The sky outside, yesterday. A very pretty sight indeed! Even at midnight, it glowed with an evening glory. A very captivating dark hue of pink and blue and gray.

  2. The snow outside, right now. With very very strange footmarks. The foot marks are eerie. They can’t be of a human. But they have to belong to a 2 legged creature, and judging by the step wise (at least 1.5 times bigger than my step size, this creature does seem frightening. Strangely the step size is smaller where they seem to start and gets bigger towards where the snow meets the cold unmarkable gravel of road.

  3. Vending machine in Indy Airport, around mid of December.

    iPod Vendor

    I was left totally surprised when I saw it and I thought it was only Amer-I-gnorant me who was gasping, but it took the Americans by surprise too. Everyone was crowding around the machine and checking it out. Apple does know how to package stuff :)
    Not only the idea of putting iPod and related accessories in a vending machine is thinking out of the box but putting this machine at the airport tops it. To facilitate the last minute Christmas gift shopping for parents/spouse when you flying to meet them!

    Another shot iPod vendor 2

Go Colts!


All the hype makes all the more sense now.



The weeks are whooshing by me fast. I am left with no clue when Monday turns to Friday.