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Look ma, no ugly shoes

Today is a memorable day, of sorts.

I BOUGHT A PAIR OF SANDALS FOR MYSELF! On the scale of high-points-in-my-life, this event ranks high. Because it has been so rare in my life. Hardly ever, a sandal would fit my feet. I will dismally settle down for sport shoes, or some other footwear which I would hate from the bottom of my heart. Because there is nothing, noTHING that would fit these giant feet.

Was I thrilled to see pretty sandals for women with big feet? Oh boy! that is not even a question. I was, I was, I was is the answer if you have not guessed.

{One caveat though : Sandals might be available for larger feet, but they still come with heels. Heels is something I don’t prefer in my footwear. But oh well! This is a beginning, and I will embrace it with open arms. (read Beggars can’t be choosers, has become too deeply ingrained), I guess a bit of heal has done no one a harm except the those who have been stepped on, I can live with them}

today-is-a-happy-day-i-am-happy-today-is-a-happy-day-i-am-happy-ta-ra-ra-ta-ra-ra :)

fiery_fiona said,

January 20, 2007 @ 4:51 am

I found this cute… And yeah..the land you are in, guess this should have happened long back :)

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