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Advent of 2007

Hoping everyone a good year ahead (not the tire, but to them as well)

This winter break went exceptionally well, something which I had not been anticipating at all. Well, leaving Pune and the friends was the hardest thing this year. And having them missing and lacking those times had made me all blue-sy . But I got to meet my very own people this break. Not all of them, I would absolutely love that but at the same time it is very tough to manage that kind of feat, given we must be 15-20 of us. :)

So, a week in Raleigh, NC where I met 5 of my dear friends was absolutely thrilling, not to mention I skied for the very first time. I wasn’t good at it but I was not exceptionally bad at it either. I was not afraid of it but at the same time I was also not very comfortable with the speed a ski gathers. But, it was big big fun.

This was how it was

The fun did not stop here. I returned from Raleigh feeling ultra bad to leave the friends and good time back. It was the day of Christmas and I mocked myself to be alone on that day. Only to find a gift for me. :) It filled me with glee. I opened up the parcel like a hungry wolf and almost cried in disbelief. It was a leather overcoat from a friend – my ex roommate of the wonderful times in Pune. This was the same leather coat I borrowed from her several times in Pune, just because I liked it on me. 3 weeks before Christmas, I mentioned to her that as the temperature went sub zero for the first time in my life it reminded me of her coat. Little did I imagine, she would do this. I had not known that she would do a Santa to me.

@Dox ppl : now, the powers of Magica have been official transferred to me.
Well, I strutted around in her coat which now is mine.

And, if you think magic of this winter break stopped here for me, you are very wrong, because another Pune friend of mine paid me a visit.For one, I cooked a delicious dinner of which I am very proud of myself (since it was once in 100 years kind of thing) and then I had a whale of time looking around my state and not to forget some good meals I got to tuck. There are more photos and more stories (mostly scary ones) but later.. phew

fiery_fiona said,

January 6, 2007 @ 4:13 am

What did you cook?

Your aaloo-baingan curry with the garlic essence still hovers on my tongue at times :)

shruti said,

January 7, 2007 @ 11:30 pm

:) oh really

Me made aaloo, rajma, maa ki daal

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