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On the same topic (of design, see the previous post )

I don’t quite like the fact that BLOGSPOT hides its permanent links behind the time [of the post].

Other thing I don’t like is the Windows Automatic Updates. They give a lil’ pop-up asking if you want to Restart your computer now or later. And they very helpfully, also inform that updates would not be applied till the machine is restarted.
The problem begins when you choose to restart your machine LATER. The pop-up keeps popping up with an alarming frequency of once in 10 minutes with the focus on…”Restart now” (Bingo!). Its would be just so unfortunate that you be left clicking or hitting the Return key right at the opportune moment when the pop-up pops. The remains are unsaved work or a friend at the other end who begins wondering what did he say to go offline so suddenly.

jayant said,

December 26, 2006 @ 4:00 pm

happened many times with me.. worst was when i was downloading something.. was not using any download manager and went to sleep.. and had to take that downloaded file along to somer place :(

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