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On the same topic (of design, see the previous post )

I don’t quite like the fact that BLOGSPOT hides its permanent links behind the time [of the post].

Other thing I don’t like is the Windows Automatic Updates. They give a lil’ pop-up asking if you want to Restart your computer now or later. And they very helpfully, also inform that updates would not be applied till the machine is restarted.
The problem begins when you choose to restart your machine LATER. The pop-up keeps popping up with an alarming frequency of once in 10 minutes with the focus on…”Restart now” (Bingo!). Its would be just so unfortunate that you be left clicking or hitting the Return key right at the opportune moment when the pop-up pops. The remains are unsaved work or a friend at the other end who begins wondering what did he say to go offline so suddenly.

Reflections (shamelessly copied :P)

I am posting links to the “thoughts on/about design” my classmates acquired this semester and very meticulously collected by fellow classmate Mingxian. I am shamelessly just putting the links. For my defense, why re-invent the wheel (it has the perfect design, you see :P )

What is design? Opinions from my classmates.

Freakonomics and Design

I go by the name of sbhandar in the university database. Something which well, u can imagine I am not quite fond of, shrutib or sbhandari would have been just so much better. Well now, no jokes about my name. Meet me in Bloomington… sometime, otherwise.

No Speak

Ok, so I haven’t really spoken in last 5 hours and not that it is something unusual or is killing me. But, I realize that I might not speak any word for next 4 coming days. Life is so happening!! :) :) :) Yay!

Back on its feet!

The site was down for a while. Sorry for that but it is back :)

While it was down I had to tinker around a lot, and I discovered a few lil things (which I should have known anyways)
But, it means that I am going to spend a huge amount of time on this thing which also means the paper which is due this Thu. is gonna be hurt badly. Or few more less-sleep nights (sleepless nights are impossible for me now) which also means I am gonna be found sleeping in the school in between work, project, paper, tests, grading and the madness which generally ensues around everything.

Quote of the day*

“All I lack is a page worth of thoughts.”

*upon missing the ability of completing a submission.

Aging hastefully

No longer can I bear a day when I am ok with a sleep spanning less than 8 hours. 6 hours of sleep makes me feel like a zombie the whole day. I just got up from nap (which was finished with a terrifying dream—> me meeting with the most terrible death, like good movies dream didnt end with a gory me but a subtle sign that I am going to meet my destiny in the worst possible way ever).

But, definetely those days where I could do with least of the sleep, least of the food, least of the exercises are over. I will have to make efforts now to stay healthy and alive.

I am getting old. I am old.


I got some test done voluntarily to aid some studies being conducted by some students of the other department. In the end they gave me a CD titled “Shruti’s Brain!!” with the exclamations included. :D :D

Fearfully, I inserted that CD into the reader today to see if the education and random thoughts have left me any brain whatsoever. Thankfully, I saw those intestinal tubes folded among themselves. So, I have brain, some brain. Yay!

But I noticed that side view of my nose in the scanned images is much different form what I have always thought. This had a profound effect on me. It is a revelation and I; am going to use it. How? Every 2.5 hours a week, many of the people I know, sit together in a big room and try to pass their time working on crosswords, reading newspapers, mails, IMing with the person who is sitting just 2 rows behind them. I on the other hand try to sketch the person sitting in front of me. (My drawing skills are sporadic—used to be a good at sketching, lost it) so practicing by sketching backs of head.

Now; their noses are going to have different twists.

P.S. If you are wondering how a nose would peek out from back view of head, well if the victim of my intentions is sitting quite far from me, a slight side view of face also comes into picture.

P.P.S. If you are wondering why would so many people sit together to idle away time, the reason would bear the name of “lecture”.