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Nov. 2

The same date only a year back saw me writing TOEFL test, as a preparation of future, a part of which is my present now. Test done, and a nice lunch at a restaurant which has been there for at least as long as the people of that area, the people who I knew that is. I still remember those beautiful appetizing little bowls of curd, and being waited upon by elderly but very efficient staff. Nice meals do leave nice everlasting memories! And then a bus journey back to home in Pune, coming to an empty house bearing a sorry and barren look on Diwali whereas other houses were looking so decorated in those diyas.

A year just went by, a year which saw me getting nervous, working day and night, sleeping for 3-4 hours a day for more than a month, managing professional life, pursuing academic dreams, house hunting, searching for aims and life. A total year, of laughter and tears, happiness and sobs, trembling hands and confident smiles, red eyes from working, from part[y]ing.

The current music track being played is “All I want is you” from Rattle and Hum. & I smile ruefully at the memory of almost breaking down on phone in an airport which stretched for miles and miles without a trace of single soul on it. Only a sad, terrified, & tired person.

I am walking slowly, very slowly, time flying past me. A single memory being one full year.

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