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Dear Friends,

I am already on Orkut, Facebook, 360 & some other discussion boards. In addition to these, I check my mails at gmail, yahoo mail, university mailbox, this domain’s mailbox with alarming regularity. I was/am on Ryze which I havent even used once. Also, I get lot of spams every day. And, I have not been able to make time to do something about it (I did, actually thrice, but could not figure out, not to say I would not try it again, just that its nowhere sooner).

Tell me killing features about Gazzag and I will join it and leave behind the other social networks. I am most possibly being a Luddite and would be left behind in all probability but I do not understand how joining a 4th social network site would help me to reach out more or being more available. It is still the same, is it not…or am I pathetically wrong?

Thanks and Regards

fiona said,

November 3, 2006 @ 3:22 am

Other than blogging, i find most of the social networks a big ‘I EXIST SYNDROME’... though there are ways to regulate identity explosion and forming a network adding value to you standards and quality of thought and life at large… but much of it still is an un-managable waste of ‘clicks and hits’ and too much botheration!

I quit orkut, not because it was completely useless but just out of a choice of it not really being a value for the mental power it sucked in terms of being responsive and expressive!

sandeep said,

November 6, 2006 @ 3:19 am

Yeah i agree with you on this completely. But it sure helps you stay in touch with certain people whom you dont want to disclose your mail IDs.

shruti said,

November 7, 2006 @ 12:42 am

Hi Fiona and Sandeep,

Well 2 of you voice really different opinions and in a way true representation of people’s or user’s needs. Same thing has/ can have different appeals for different people.

However, its the “me too” syndrome of social networking sites which is really producing all the heartburn. One thing is successful and next thing you know is everyone is aping them. True, social networks have become real success and certain dialog surround them now like “You are not officially engaged till its there on the Facebook!” All said in humor, but goes on to show how much integrated they have become in our lives. (Might be one of the reasons, Fiona backed off this social network thingie).

And this Gazzag, it was way over the top. I know they have to be “not that good” if they have to advertise as now-you-can-chat-with-ur-online friends-too. Buddy! whats new and whats news???

Look at this too,

Thankfully, I have been thinking right :P :P ;) :)

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