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Bow wow!

No, of course I don’t have this on my mind but yes “He won’t bite you” is the most banal thing I have ever heard in my whole life.

Standard smiley

Now context; linguistic, situational or otherwise, has power of transforming the meaning of data altogether. A unit of data can metamorphose into different information. And pragmatics do not spare even the written word.

Therefore, they should have standards for smileys as well. Esp. when they are used so much.

A key strike combination for angry smiley somewhere can become a love smiley somewhere else. Bah

:@ :X X(


Yeah, so I got my first financial rejection here :(

Because I did not have a credit history.
And pray, why don’t you have one?
Well, because I do not have a credit card.
So, dear girl what’s stopping you, why don’t you get a credit card for yourself?
Because they need credit history to issue you the card, without that you can’t get one.
Are you sure you are not under ‘influence’ or something?

And the credit card hence credit history and hence only then the credit card seem so elusive.
More elusive than that ‘A+’ I have’nt got and have’nt even though about.


watching 3 movies a week, every week is not that great an idea.

Nov. 2

The same date only a year back saw me writing TOEFL test, as a preparation of future, a part of which is my present now. Test done, and a nice lunch at a restaurant which has been there for at least as long as the people of that area, the people who I knew that is. I still remember those beautiful appetizing little bowls of curd, and being waited upon by elderly but very efficient staff. Nice meals do leave nice everlasting memories! And then a bus journey back to home in Pune, coming to an empty house bearing a sorry and barren look on Diwali whereas other houses were looking so decorated in those diyas.

A year just went by, a year which saw me getting nervous, working day and night, sleeping for 3-4 hours a day for more than a month, managing professional life, pursuing academic dreams, house hunting, searching for aims and life. A total year, of laughter and tears, happiness and sobs, trembling hands and confident smiles, red eyes from working, from part[y]ing.

The current music track being played is “All I want is you” from Rattle and Hum. & I smile ruefully at the memory of almost breaking down on phone in an airport which stretched for miles and miles without a trace of single soul on it. Only a sad, terrified, & tired person.

I am walking slowly, very slowly, time flying past me. A single memory being one full year.


Dear Friends,

I am already on Orkut, Facebook, 360 & some other discussion boards. In addition to these, I check my mails at gmail, yahoo mail, university mailbox, this domain’s mailbox with alarming regularity. I was/am on Ryze which I havent even used once. Also, I get lot of spams every day. And, I have not been able to make time to do something about it (I did, actually thrice, but could not figure out, not to say I would not try it again, just that its nowhere sooner).

Tell me killing features about Gazzag and I will join it and leave behind the other social networks. I am most possibly being a Luddite and would be left behind in all probability but I do not understand how joining a 4th social network site would help me to reach out more or being more available. It is still the same, is it not…or am I pathetically wrong?

Thanks and Regards