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Defragmenting the computer was as colorful as ever but I missed the thrill that mom brought to it. She loved those colored rectangles swapping here and there in a random pattern and would gaze at them for quarter hours on end :)

We would leave the computer to defragment under care and supervision of mom and would call her every 2 hours(used to sprint from my class to a shop outside to call home, Didn’t have cellphone those days) when she would report the no. of bad sectors and various other percentages and the situations which made her drop the work at hand and run from kitchen to room to check the computer.

Those deliberate long thoughtful pauses, “Umm.. because of this and this, I conclude that it is absolutely normal. Don’t worry.”

Those defragmentations used to be talk of the lunch when mom would narrate tales of it.
However, the active particiaption of mom in defragmentation was not more than twice or thrice but then we defragmented the memory once every decade.

Those were the days but it is interesting how users/non-users who do not deal with computers much can become so excited and interested by it.
More thought and work can be put there, I would be wearing my thinking cap when I get time.

Meanwhile, my current room-mate has declared that I have lost my mind because I keep on linking things with terms such as usability & interaction and of late started using terms as human-ghost interaction (for halloween), creative imagination (for coming up with a halloween costume at the last moment).
I call her the current roommate with all due love, respect, friendship and no offence meant, somehow roomate always conjures up image of Aanya and Kavi for me. And in probability, always will.

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