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D807 and wonderland

I got a new phone, Samsung D807 a few days back. I don’t even remember when & I don’t even care for it. It was like, sitting out there looking good and I didn’t have time to get a listing pf phones I could have and choose the best out of them.

Though it is definetely good looking, I don’t like it. There are so many things out there which i don’t want or so many things which I want but the are not there. :( I should not be complaining much, after all I have hardly explored it. May be, I just don’t know. Most probably, I don’t.

Anyways, transferred a mp3 file to the phone, I can’t set it to my ringtone. They have provided one default ringtone, there is nothing to choose. When I am dialing some number, the font size is really huge, it shrinks it in the end to fits the no. on the screen. I prefer consistency. To set alarm you have to Applications>Alarm something stuff. or maybe something else, but its deeply embedded in the menu. As is bluetooth, somewhere deep inside the menu. I don’t like to loose things I am in need of. I can’t see the time off my phone (easily). There is only 1 key which lights up the phone (when not in use) and throws a huge dialog box “Unlock ?” which lies over the time. Now, that I really need to keep a tab on my time, minute by minute and I can’t do it. Its like needing it most and not finding it there.

I miss my K500i. Sorely. V Badly. It was such a wonderful thing, I love it and wud always.

Schedules are hectic. “Analysis Paralysis” is occuring all the time around me.  Our professor said, when sometimes you are facing abyss, scary as it might sound, it is best to jump in it. It is undoubtedly dark but who knows, you are being led to Wonderland.
I wish. I am trying to gather courage. After all, deadline is near.

Arpit said,

October 13, 2006 @ 10:34 am

hey bachhey… gud u dont have ur K500i… u cud have anytime asked me to repair it… i wud have done it without an excuse… but now i have to USE it… one day its gonna die in my hands…hee hee hee haa haa haa haa..
and u bought a SAMSUNG phone the one in which, when you dial a number, each digits are of different colour and so so big as to use each and evry space of the screen???????
hey bhagwaan
should have bought nokia n series!!

shruti said,

October 14, 2006 @ 12:18 am

don’t be disrespectful. ok, DONT BE.

thats the most wonderful thing, my SE

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