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Archive for September, 2006

A real pain

So Ouch!

Cheers to H, B & E

I raise the glass to these 3 young girls (age 19, 19 & 18) who I met today while conducting some tests.

Thanks girls, you made me laugh a lot, and showed me “what it is like to be young”.

Here is for your effervescence!!
May you always be happy, cheery, and surrounded by people who like you for no matter what you are!

Rice, Dal, Tea, Sugarkake & Oreos

Spending days and nights and hours over one thing, thinking intensely over it, and reaching a mutual decision to adopt something else. Going gets tough. It better be good in the end. Should learn something out of it.

When I disagree, or worry I eat. The results are showing :( Oh bother! geez :( It had to happen kya?

Peaceful Fun

I am eating peaceful noodles, if-you-know-what-I-mean. I have decided I will enjoy.

I am enjoying Bob Dylan singing “Like a Rolling Stone”.

How does it feel…

D807 and wonderland

I got a new phone, Samsung D807 a few days back. I don’t even remember when & I don’t even care for it. It was like, sitting out there looking good and I didn’t have time to get a listing pf phones I could have and choose the best out of them.

Though it is definetely good looking, I don’t like it. There are so many things out there which i don’t want or so many things which I want but the are not there. :( I should not be complaining much, after all I have hardly explored it. May be, I just don’t know. Most probably, I don’t.

Anyways, transferred a mp3 file to the phone, I can’t set it to my ringtone. They have provided one default ringtone, there is nothing to choose. When I am dialing some number, the font size is really huge, it shrinks it in the end to fits the no. on the screen. I prefer consistency. To set alarm you have to Applications>Alarm something stuff. or maybe something else, but its deeply embedded in the menu. As is bluetooth, somewhere deep inside the menu. I don’t like to loose things I am in need of. I can’t see the time off my phone (easily). There is only 1 key which lights up the phone (when not in use) and throws a huge dialog box “Unlock ?” which lies over the time. Now, that I really need to keep a tab on my time, minute by minute and I can’t do it. Its like needing it most and not finding it there.

I miss my K500i. Sorely. V Badly. It was such a wonderful thing, I love it and wud always.

Schedules are hectic. “Analysis Paralysis” is occuring all the time around me.  Our professor said, when sometimes you are facing abyss, scary as it might sound, it is best to jump in it. It is undoubtedly dark but who knows, you are being led to Wonderland.
I wish. I am trying to gather courage. After all, deadline is near.

One. By Alanis Morisette

I am the biggest hypocrite
I’ve been undeniably jealous
I have been loud and pretentious
I have been utterly threatened
I’ve gotten candy for my self-interest
the sexy treadmill capitalist
heaven forbid i be criticized
heaven forbid i be ignored

i have abused my power forgive me
you mean we actually are all one
one one one one one one one
i’ve been out of reach and separatist
heaven forbid average (whatever average means)
i have compensated for my days
of powerlessness

i have abused my so-called power forgive me
you mean we actually are all one
one one one one one one one

did you just call her amazing?
surely we both can’t be amazing!
and give up my hard earned status
as fabulous freak of nature?

I have abused my power forgive me
you mean we actually are all one
one one one one one one one
always looked good on paper
sounded good in theory

Bollywood Calling

I have a certain design to submit.
I have a certain report to be written and submitted.
I have a certain mini project to be made and submitted.
I have a tight deadline to meet.
Each assignment has more than one delieverable. Thankfully, they are still in single digit.

I can hear girls partying next door.
I refused an invitation to some other party some time earlier.
Thankfully, my friend had me tuck in some Turkish food at some fancy nice restaurant. Its friday night.

My roomie gets me a mug of steaming hot coffee in the middle of night to keep my spirits high.
The room is strewn with papers and clothes.
She really can’t walk without stepping on my notebooks or clothes.
She is wearing chappals.
She feels sorry.

I sleep late in the night.
I wake up early in the morning to find a pencil still in my hand.
I can hardly see the carpet on the floor.

All I see is papers, clothes, books, empty coffee mug, light streaming in the room (made pink by my curtains), time (running out).

I feel like a struggling script writer trying her luck in Bollywood.

I just love this…

Wild honey

In the days
When we were swinging form the trees
I was a monkey
Stealing honey from a swarm of bees

I could taste
I could taste you even then
And I would chase you down the wind

You can go there if you please
Wild honey
And if you go then go with me
Wild honey

Did I know you
Did I know you even then
Before the clocks began time
Before the world was made

From the cruel sun
You were sheltered
You were my shelter and my shade

If you go there with me
Wild honey
You can do just what you please
Wild honey

Yeah, just blowing in the breeze
Wild honey
Wild, wild, wild

I’m still standing
I’m still standing where you left me
Are you still growing wild
With everything tame around you

I send you flowers
Could flowers thaw you heart
I know your garden is full
But is there sweetness at all

What is soul
Love me
Give me soul

If you go then go with me
Wild honey
Won’t you take me, take me please
Wild honey

Yeah, swinging through the trees
Wild honey
Wild, wild, wild


So, I enter this grand building and all of a sudden start feeling trashy . Err… maybe its because people around me are in suits, their looks made complete by ties and gelled hair.

Oh, I get it now, I just stepped in the BUSINESS school. No wonder.

Yes, I am feeling bit silly and a lot out-of-the-place. But, hey! it is them who should find an excuse, after all its Friday.