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I have got a mail

to write to Air India and then post it to their office in New York. After missing a flight and spending one whole day at the airport, I catch hold of the Air India people and recite them my travails. But you should have come yesterday, they inform (in the best Latino English), we would have given you everything you would have asked for. Yes, right! first I miss my flight and then if I fail to locate Air India’s counter, that all is my mistake. It is totally different story, that I get “Information Centre of Airport” ringing Air India and not get any response, should be my mistake too. :( I can’t deal with this. I have no more physical and mental resources left to think about it. “Do you want hotel accomodation, food and transportation and for today? We can as well get your flight postponed further.” They ask me cheekily. “You can write us a letter. We will look in your case. Just address it to the Manager.”

I walk away from New York. I leave it before it should make me too hard.

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