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A night at JFK

So, after missing the flight, I get a new boarding pass (of the same flight but just 24 hours after the one I was sheduled on)with a feeling, “Don’t ask for a compensation. We are not responsible.”
And I am carrying at least 67kg worth of weight and I have no where to turn to, nowhere to go, can’t even think of which questions should I be asking and to whom. I have no coins to place a call, there are no people around, I don’t remember which elevator I came through, all I see is roads, roads that go to the city, roads having happy people in the cars they can afford or can’t. And, I am standing on the road with 67kg of luggage trying to remember where to walk to get back to the airport before getting lost in the city. Gingerly, I make my way to the airtrain’s station of the JFK airport, to find some kind officer standing there who offers me 5 quarters in place of $1. The extra quarter, I can always give to someone needy, he informs when I tell him he has given me an extra coin. I am fine till now. I make a frantic call to a friend, thinking about the extra day I could have spent with my mom and that I didn’t look in her eyes while leaving and that as soon as I entered the Delhi airport, I realized that I need to give her one more hug, that I absolutely need to do that but its too late and all that thought kills me. It strucks me if I really want all this and I want to be home. I really want to be at home. I think about Paulo Coehlo and think whether everything is going to crash. And then, I think probably I have lost my mind. Its just a flight.

After trapeezing through Air India and Delta counters with all that luggage(pushing it up the steep long ramp , ambling it down the ramp a couple of times), I realize at 11’O clock in the night, that I am on my own with no help to speak-of at all. I spend a lot of money to store my baggage at the airport and try to get some rest in the fitful bouts of sleep I get. Only, to get up in the morning, to find myself staring at the MasterCard Ad.
“Seeing the real New York.

Jfk traveller said,

August 25, 2006 @ 5:17 pm

Hi, your ordeal sounds terrbile, we all hate airports!!
I need to leave baggage at JFK next week, and was wondering where there is baggage storage where you can leave bags overnight to avoid carrying them around with you the whole day! Any info would be great

shruti said,

August 26, 2006 @ 1:24 pm

Near the information center of the airport, Its on Terminal 4, if I remem correctly now.

I was carrying 67kg & I paid $28, fees depends upon the size and dimension of bags & you are charged on per day basis.

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