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Pack of thoughts

That I find suddenly find myself unemployed and in Kolkatta, has to bear more than just a co-incedence.

Anyways, will be leaving for the current capital from the erstwhile capital this weekend which has made mom very bossy and commandy. Pack this, pack that, prepare a list of To-Dos and another list of Not-To-Dos and other etc.s. Though she is right, I still walk aimlessly around house looking at my stuff and hoping it would just pack itself and sit in a corner of room smugly.

Talking about house, its BIG.

Delhi flats, Pune flats, Mumbai flats, Kolkatta flats.
Kolkatta flats and Mumbai flats are inversely related in size but one thing they are identical in – is grills. Bongs too grill every balcony and every opening of their house with the same enthusiasm Mumbai puts box grills in EVERY WINDOW AVAILABLE to them.

In college times, the Question (from strangers and the e-mail forms) “What occupation”/”What do you do” made me say “Student” (as being a student is doing something) infusing a fear of future and hope for a good good job. Now that, I am not doing ggod good job anymore and am gonna be a student again, I am dying for someone to ask me the question again. I want to proudly shout “Nothing”. Yes, I am doing nothing.

But I know I would soon have my hands full.

Anyways, packing :( (With 5kgs. of documents flying around house, I would be lucky to reach airport on time and not leave anything behind)


tadaaaaaaaaan said,

July 21, 2006 @ 1:38 pm

Need the professional packers?? ;) had fuchkaas?? not that they are great… but want to declare in majority that gol gappas rock!! :D

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