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Getting vaccinated

There is much-forwarded Forward about “the youngest web designer” and then “youngest Indian web designer” and then we have seen the young Miss. Worlds and youngest this and youngest that. Sincere congrats and best wishes and best of the luck to all of them.
But when it comes to doctor, its only the experience (& reputation) that comforts you.

So, 2 days before when this doctor enters my house, who I had imagined to be atleast 40 years of age but seems like 30ish, what do I do but gasp. And it does not help at all that he is supporting a stubble and wearing cap a la Himesh Reshammiya.(yes, yes, bad bad me, being so subjective and judging by looks)
So the doc is there to administer Meningococcal vaccines to me and 2 of my friends, one of whom is with me and the other one is trudging towards my home for his vaccination. Also, I have requested a Chicken Pox vaccine for myself.

After a routine hi-hello, and repetition of the menu of 3 meningococcals and 1 chicken pox, the doctor exclaims that the meningo… he has brought are the pediatric ones.(meant for kids, not adults :@) Pronto, phone is dialled and the friend braving rain and mud is asked not to come. “Anyways”,the doc continues, “I just read, that chicken pox and meningitis vaccination can’t be done together.”Readers, concentrate on word “just” in the above dialogue, just as in justas in J.U.S.T.

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