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Ok, wanted to take a print-out but the printer and computer simply refused to yield. Something was wrong with the printer. Ughh.. just before I started getting angry, I remembered those mails which I deleted without even giving them their 30 seconds of claim (yuck). The mails were mentioning something about movement of file system, hence the movements of printers from one place to other and other such blah..

Re-installed the nearest printer and bingo, had the document I wanted to read. But, had to delete all those old printers since the printing dialog box was taking ages to show up(as it had to show all the “unable-to-connect” printers). Felt bad while deleting them. They were the only proofs of all the cubicle changes I have had till now. 3 floors, 6 wings, 7 cubicles, 2 years, had half of the printers of the company installed on my computer. As I deleted them one-by-one, felt worse and worse, (I mean they are no la-coffee machines) but still… running from my seat to collect that warm paper churned out fresh by that machine, different run-ups from different seats…et al

Come on, they were just printers, ideal moments would be here and I can always install ALL of them again.
Something is wrong
with me.

Uniformed fashion

Just what struck me,

I did notice the low waist trousers. Noticed beacause back home it is not the same.