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Archive for April, 2006

Shall we dance?

Today, went to Carmel Market. This road in Tel-Aviv has small shops on its either side. Small stalls dot entire length of Carmel. Here, you can buy stuff like artificial jewellery, fresh flowers or vegetables and even dry fruits. And then there are shops selling CDs, bags, fruits, footwear, key chains and all types of other odds and ends. This street is so crowded that it reminds you of a Sabzi Mandi (Vegetable Market) of India. The street is overflowing with people and their pets and the din is similar to a; well, fish market or the sabzi market(of course).

<Pic will be coming soon—am facing some problem uploading it now>

Besides all the noise being made by people and hawkers, the CD shop at the junction of Carmel and Nihlat-Bin Yamen street was playing uber loud music today. Well, that kinda sets tempo to the place. Anyways, there is always music playing or being played on streets of Tel-Aviv. But what surprised me was when I heard the “Mundiyan to bach ke rahii” there. :D As I walked ahead with a friend, the shop owner spotting some Indians came rushing to us and begged us to show/teach her some dance moves!!!
After hearing so many pleas, I finally stepped in and danced right there in the middle of the road with her :D and next thing I know, so many people are surrounding us in a circle and cheering. And it continued for the next round of dance on “Chori Chori, hum gori se pyaar karenge”

Geez! I am impulsive but dancing right in the middle of the street?!?!

Its so much fun when no one knows you.

Force of Habit

These days winds have a slight chill, here in Israel.

So spotting some amount of sunshine after an office meeting, I decided to sit by myself outside the building.
Soon I was lost in my thoughts and the comfort of warmth made me not notice a man approach me.
All I suddenly know, he is speaking to me (in Hebrew), and the lost soul I was, what do I say….

“Mala marathi yiat naahii”