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Archive for March, 2006

Good Morning!!

As I read this post, I invariably smiled since it reminded me of today’s morning.

Then (the morning)
Today morning began with a start. My alarm which in reality is a nasty ugly frustrating sound which makes you run and throw the instrument playing this sound away has never failed to jolt me up from my slumber. Today was different. Like every other day I got up with a start because of the alarm, but today I jumped out of the bed as soon as I opened my eyes. My room had expanded, my bed and pillow were cushiony,room’s floor was carpeted. Everything was differnt. I was in a different place. “WHERE AM I?”, I breathed heavily to myself.

5 seconds of shock and then realization, I am not home, I am in Israel. I smiled at my stupidity and ran off to the bathroom to put the alarm off on my cellphone. My phone would have been shocked too last night when I put its adaptor in the socket meant for charging electric shaver. But anyways thats the only socket where the adaptor would fit in.

Now(the evening)
[smiling reproachingly]How could I forget that I am here. Esp. when, it has been wonderful this time. :)

Btw my ugly ringtone on my most wonderful phone