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“When was the last time you were ill?”

My friend recently pointed out that to me when I contracted acute follicular tonsillitis and adenoid hypertrohy. The disease was such that leave alone swallow, I could hardly open my mouth to speak lest it should get more dry.
I incurred these infections exactly 1 day after I was cured of the food poisoning I was suffering from which occured just after my severe cough and cold got bored of me.

So, my friend’s question reminded me of the last time I had seriously taken to the bed, some 2 and a half years back when I pulled my back which happened some 4 years after I suffered from viral fever.

Thats about it. :) Pretty healthy I am. Even common cold takes around one and half years to catch up with me.

So, that was my life’s FIRST TONSILLITIS and I was away from home, maternal care and healthy home cooked food.

Though my friend says that I don’t qualify to be called gifted but I maintain I am unbreakable.

Good health to me.

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