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Leading to redundancy

Well, due to lack of time and energy, I am taking the easy way out. Increasing Redundancy on net.


  • Watched beautifully done 15 Park Avenue, finally a good movie on the stands.
    Movie has an open end. What I think about it? Please read interpretation#1 on I could not find a link to the post, so if you are still interested, please search it there. His first interpretation exactly matches what I concluded of the movie. So, just giving his link instead rather than writing—> which brings me to the topic of increasing redundancy. Well, I could have saved this post and not written anything and saved myself this much effort and not contributed to redundancy. But, I wanted to write beacause I wanted to, so gave the link since I would have written the same [content-wise] and hence actually saved the net from redundancy.

    [P.S. GOT IT .. the link to the Gaurav Sabnis’s post by the writer himself :)]

  • So while I still wrestle in my mind whether I did contribute or not to; by now, our dear REDUNDANCY, I am immediately transpoted to Zooropa where they speak of “A Bluer kind of white “

I’ll leave here. Probably open ends are in vogue.

Gaurav said,

January 17, 2006 @ 10:38 pm

Hi Shruthi. Nice to see you liked the movie too. This is the link to that specific post of mine –

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