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Leading to redundancy

Well, due to lack of time and energy, I am taking the easy way out. Increasing Redundancy on net.


  • Watched beautifully done 15 Park Avenue, finally a good movie on the stands.
    Movie has an open end. What I think about it? Please read interpretation#1 on I could not find a link to the post, so if you are still interested, please search it there. His first interpretation exactly matches what I concluded of the movie. So, just giving his link instead rather than writing—> which brings me to the topic of increasing redundancy. Well, I could have saved this post and not written anything and saved myself this much effort and not contributed to redundancy. But, I wanted to write beacause I wanted to, so gave the link since I would have written the same [content-wise] and hence actually saved the net from redundancy.

    [P.S. GOT IT .. the link to the Gaurav Sabnis’s post by the writer himself :)]

  • So while I still wrestle in my mind whether I did contribute or not to; by now, our dear REDUNDANCY, I am immediately transpoted to Zooropa where they speak of “A Bluer kind of white “

I’ll leave here. Probably open ends are in vogue.

There it goes

2005 – a year of sheer magic and intoxication.

Will always be drunk on you. Celebrating you right now. Contemplating about you.

Silhouette of what it can be. Proof of what it should be.
Route for routes.

Happy New Year.