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Some daze

Have been a very busy and sleepless month and now it appears to be just the beginning of the grand beginning. Grand not as in pompous but grand as in too big to be digested. I feel as if I am stading near one end of the pendulum – which end , does not matter. Wherever it swings, the gong is gonna crash into my head.

Hope endless nights at the office come to an end soon.

Had a real break yesterday after a long time.
Though true, went for The Exorcism of Emily Rose some time back but being what I am, brought myself more troubles than I had bargained for.
Yest night was wonderful. shared a lovely walk with the best of my friends. Nothing special said or exchanged but was walking with her after a long time. She is the only relief to my jumbled and swollen nerves these days.

Watched Before Sunset also. This was the second time. Enjoyed Delpy’s concerns for world and description of depression of Hawke. Cherished the ferry boat ride [in the movie] and the ideas about perfect and honest self. But loved the last scene most. Fading, subtle, relaxing and powerful.

“Maybe… you gonna miss the flight”...”I know..” Nina Simone playing in the background. What an imprint.

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