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Coming of age

Few days back, went back to my place, Delhi. The nip in the air was invigorating, least to say. Got so nostalgic that brought back a sweater to the place where monsoons are the coolest time around.

However, the post is about the technology and awareness affecting the Gol Gappe.

Gol Gappe
The Gol Gappe which begged for space here belonged to Gulab. (This is also the place where I got my mithai from)
So, probably because of their SFA association, a bhai with a hand in a plastic bag secured by a rubber band picks up the crust…shell; what the heck, a gol-guppa & keeps it under a FP (fountian pepsi) – type machine. Zoom! the gappa is filled with the pani.

Well, heard about something like this a couplaa years back but was very amused this time.

As far as this treat goes, it was good except the Gol Gappa Pani could have done with being a lil less concentrated.

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