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The Laptop Story

Instead of Laptop DELL delivered me a Pizza.
Its true.
The worst part was that I did not even realize the lil differences that exist b/w Pizza and Laptop and munched away to glory.
And that’s true too.
Only after I felt bit heavy in tummy did I search over internet[not on the half-eaten Pizza but some PC] that Laptops are supposed to be “rectanglish” and not roundish.
If that was not all, it dawned upon me much later that Laptops are not edible. But too late, it was all gone. :’(
'Duh NOTBhook

It is the worst kind of nightmares you can ever dream of.
All all thanks to this guy.

& this is what is meant by comments at The Laptop said,

November 13, 2005 @ 6:53 pm

chill babe!

it was just an illusion(may be too much of mixing up of emotions nd all!!)

its all about love for the lappy
nd food, both make ya really happy!!

aint ??

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