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High and Dry

Here I am in a foreign city with most of my clothes lying in a laundary and am left high and dry with the laundary shop closed

I bundled my clothes on Saturday and give them.
I am told that I can collect them on Monday evening.
The laundary timings are 7 to 7.
Monday, I come back late at around 11 in the night.
Tuesday, I get up late.
Tuesday evening again I come back home after 7.
Wednesday, I wake up, take a brisk walk to laundary to find it closed!! With a tidy notice in Spanish[which is also foreign to me]
I am speechlessly amazed.
With not a soul in sight, I come back contemplating what will I wear now and whether I would be able to take my clothes back to my country :(
I am flying home this weekend.
Hope I don’t have to travel light. This is one luggage I won’t like to be disposed of.
Hmmph… {God ! what a timing for all this to happen}

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