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A busy person finds time for everything.

and I hope this finishes the dry run here as well.

Smiling secretly

Today might have been very very bad day, and it might had given me a chance to smile only onve somewhere during its middle…
It might have stressed me ,tensed me, tested me…
It might have failed me, cursed me, laughed upon me…
It might have left me exhausted, wondering, contemplating and very very scared…

In the end I have got certain somethings figured out and they are going to stay.
I know travails of the today would be spilled tomorrow or probably day after.
But I also know what I learnt and felt and revealed to myself will stay with me for life.
I am smiling now, secretly.
[The day is ending and wronged me as much as it could but still could not stop me from smiling]

High and Dry

Here I am in a foreign city with most of my clothes lying in a laundary and am left high and dry with the laundary shop closed

I bundled my clothes on Saturday and give them.
I am told that I can collect them on Monday evening.
The laundary timings are 7 to 7.
Monday, I come back late at around 11 in the night.
Tuesday, I get up late.
Tuesday evening again I come back home after 7.
Wednesday, I wake up, take a brisk walk to laundary to find it closed!! With a tidy notice in Spanish[which is also foreign to me]
I am speechlessly amazed.
With not a soul in sight, I come back contemplating what will I wear now and whether I would be able to take my clothes back to my country :(
I am flying home this weekend.
Hope I don’t have to travel light. This is one luggage I won’t like to be disposed of.
Hmmph… {God ! what a timing for all this to happen}

My first entry

from my laptop. :)
I’ll be putting up pictures later. I just don’t want to leave it alone for now.