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Archive for September, 2005

Mental Congestion

is what I am facing this week.
Its not sad or depressing, its just racing and shrieking.
It can be like filibuster mistress.
Might be triggered by having too much on your mind; exactly the way the words sound.
I need a mental decongestant.

No Idea



2 or 3 days back, I broke my spectacles.
My optician had already prewarned me of this.
Of all the 4 pairs of spectacles I have owned these were my most prized ones.
The place I got them from also has a lil history of its own.
Pls. search for Dinshaw here.

Take a look

Found them while browsing. Did not have much time to look at them leisurely or to learn more about them. But, in my opinion they are amazing!

2 takes

An Australian court has ruled that people using the popular file-swapping program Kazaa are infringing copyright.

One more angle::
Free Market using P2P - rooting out the very concept of piracy.

“Socialism of the 21st Century”

The Venezuelan government is reported to be planning to insist that all private banks appoint two state representatives to their board.

More on Maher

That was Maher for you.

...As I and two of my friends entered one of the house we were greeted by children. Childreng greeting us by singing a welcome song. I was a chief guest, none the less.
This was first of the time that I stood on the “other” side of podium. I am the one who is greeting and expressing joy for the guests visiting but all of a sudden it changed. Kids were singing, waving their hands, came running to us for a hug. I stood perplexed. We had some sweets with us[give to us by someone for the kids]. The kids came to us in files of 2, collected their sweetmeat, thanked us joyously and returned. Some went back and resumed their studies, others went back to their half-finished games and a few lurked behind to talk to us.
A girl, Prabha due to appear in Class X papers [these are nation-wide examinations, commonly and fearfully referred to as Boards] sharing with me how she finds Mathematics diffeicult. Rest, she affirmed was alright.

We go around seeing the place. Maher has few rabbits, for kids to love.
It captures solar energy and uses it. They have a waste management resource. The place is well kept. It has several houses, each consisiting of 2 big halls, one to be used as living room and other as kitchen. Some of the houses are painted with cartoons. A house has aqua theme. Volunteers from U.K. came and painted submarines and mermaids and fishes and bubbles and sea-weeds.
Small patches of land[enough for a couple of shrubs] have been allocated to some of the residents over there. So, that they can grow few plants. These small little gardens carry name plates of their owners. The plants are well kept. There is a yoga class going on somewhere. Some busy bodies are making cards and some making candles.

I liked the place. That there are so helpless people living there is sad. To come to know of their stories makes you sad. To see them rebuilding their lives makes you happy.

I come back to my world, again through that lovely avenue.
I got to see a lot of beauty, I got to see a lot of thought.
It makes me more happy. It makes me more full.