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or mother’s place.
It is a nice small idea.
An idea which houses destitute women and orphans or those who are orphaned by everybody else.

The drive from Pune to the small Koregaon Bhima is enchanting enough. Lush greenery, crisp fresh pure air enamoring your lungs. It is a treat indeed.
And then you turn towards your destination on broken and excavated roads. After some back breaking moments you come across this NGO.
Housing children in batch of 20 across severall small houses. Each house being monitored by 2 house-mothers. House-mothers, who look after the children, their food, hygiene, cleanliness. Women who ready the children in the morning for the school and who look after them the whole day. Women whose lives have been medaled with new meanings and goals. A far cry from being beaten daily, being denied the food and being “left and released”.
Now, they look after the children who have been orphaned. Children who are very disciplined and well behaved.
Children who are loved.Children who are cherished.

This is Maher. Mother’s house.

zest said,

August 31, 2005 @ 6:42 pm

if you try to make a picture of yourself…. you will see yourself running…. running hard in this world. most of us don’t know where we are running or WHY we are running.. but we do so. we run hard….like everyone else is doing. just see yourself running… friends around… family around…

but sometimes you stop… and look around… look at people who are trying to achieve something which you have taken for granted… you feel the serenity associated with the place, the people. you feel empathetic. you want to share yourself with them. you want to do something for them. you make plans…. sometimes promises. you want to be with them. you suddenly realize that there are many problems in the society which need attention. you think of utopia. “yes i will do something for them”.

then you start running again.

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