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or mother’s place.
It is a nice small idea.
An idea which houses destitute women and orphans or those who are orphaned by everybody else.

The drive from Pune to the small Koregaon Bhima is enchanting enough. Lush greenery, crisp fresh pure air enamoring your lungs. It is a treat indeed.
And then you turn towards your destination on broken and excavated roads. After some back breaking moments you come across this NGO.
Housing children in batch of 20 across severall small houses. Each house being monitored by 2 house-mothers. House-mothers, who look after the children, their food, hygiene, cleanliness. Women who ready the children in the morning for the school and who look after them the whole day. Women whose lives have been medaled with new meanings and goals. A far cry from being beaten daily, being denied the food and being “left and released”.
Now, they look after the children who have been orphaned. Children who are very disciplined and well behaved.
Children who are loved.Children who are cherished.

This is Maher. Mother’s house.


I have returned back to my place.
My browser to which I-am-used-to has statred working again.
Meanwhile, I saw some beautiful sights, felt wonderful, went to a nice place.
I have something to write and a lot to read.

Leaving you

My trip comes to an end.
In 2 days I will be travelling back home.

Its a strange feeling which I am expiriencing.
Though I don’t feel attached to this place, a strange sense of association has formed.
The politeness I found and encountered here will haunt me for a while.

The vast stretchededness of this place seems agreeable now.
There are no memories to look back upon yet the stay here has left a pale mark on my mind.

Though I can’t put my finger on how I feel, I know there is sense of inadequcy creeping over.
I am leaving behind a very different world.

Though, I have not been able to make friends here, some people have impressed me beyond doubt.
Their joviality their enthusiasm has made me feel special.

Here’s for Dallas.

Yesterday’s Dinner

Yesterday night I ate

    Maggi Noodles
    Act II PopCorn
    Another pack of Act II PopCorn [this time with fork]
    Choclates [Hershey’s Kisses]
    Mini Peanut Butter Cups

Unfortunately and explainably, I ran out of my stock.
What will become of me tonight? :(
Please donate food.
I thank you for your generous contibutions in advance.


One thing I noticed here is that everything is marked in Braille too.
Its not just my office but my hotel also.
I like it.


I was walking along with few friends and one of their friends joined in.
We talked for 3 min the normal routine of Hi-Hello-Nice Weather-Nice to meet you-Bbye .

What I can definetely conclude after that little conversation is that he is very intelligent and witty.
He is from Pakistan.
“Oh!” I thought.

“Oh!” I realize how sad and shameful it is that our first thought is always that.


Now that I can say, “I have seen world” at least in some small amount of measure, I have concluded 2 things.

1->English is not Lingua Survivala. Spanish is.

2->No matter how technologically advanced does USA becomes, no matter how much they gain nano-tech wise, pyro-tech wise, nucleo-tech wise, they can never make good fans. Yes; People, fans here don’t seem to work. They just spin around their center but just don’t achieve functionally what they should do.

So, take your own desi fans to USA and get acquainted with Spanish.

Out goes the smoke

When smokers need a break they go to smoking room.
When non-smokers need a break where do they go? [other than bathrooms :D]

This place has a very beautiful and calm smoking area. It is out in the open with few chairs to seat you and then a multi boarded wooden plank which walks you to a grill. The wooden “bridge” is flanked by a big lovely tree on its one side. The shade, leaves and beautiful mauve flowers tower and sober the other side too. There are few metal stools underneath the tree. Gives you a nice medidative environment.

So, folks my favourite place here is Smoking Area.
I am a regular frequenter with a cup of coffee or water in my fingers.
Out goes the smoke.

R n Di


& a month back I was singing ...

Buddha like

If things were obvious, we would have born vestigeal.