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FlashBack #3

Atlanta [Hartsfield-Jackson] Airport. You are beautiful.
You are artfully done and seem very nice and convenient and very sure of yourself.
Atlanta Airport, I like you. Your shining floor, your nice terminal-shuttle-buses, your mosaic on the wall, your shops.
Hmm… I definetely like you.

I never knew Atlanta Airport would take my thoughts so seriously.
And retain me in its gripping arms.
What! Does no one praises this poor beautiful big aeroplane garage??

My last leg of journey which was supposed to begin from here got cancelled.
And then started the frentic running across different far set wide terminals.

Got a brush with people of this country.
It is going to be differnt, very different here.

Finally got on a flight.
Sat next to a very very cute man.[Reminiscing : )]
...who had a very cute daughter. :(
Started towards my home-to-be-for -a month 3 hours after the scheduled time.

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