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FlashBack #2

And then the journey started in the passage of sky. Passage of sky – the bearer of myriad of routes, the bearer of just a single route.
Had a stop at the fashion city. Very different type of airport it was.
I don’t remember the scheme but if I have to blurt out some colour/form association with Paris airport, it would be Pink and Glass.

I was going towards West and therefore adding a day in my life [don’t be jealous—I’ll fly back to East too]. The mornings and brunches just would not leave me alone. I waited for those hours to pass by, sensing unsensation creeping over my legs, shaking ‘em to shake it off.
the discomfort was very conveniently punctured by acute ear aches and want and deprive of sleep.

And, the hours lengthened by latent time of globe travel passed and ensured that dear me sets her foot in New York.
NOo, not the city, the airport. Yes, the airport :(
When you reach the country of your destination, and the city you want to reach is still far away, it becomes pretty pretty frustrating.
Now as for what memory of JFK Airport conjures up in my mind is that at my immigrations iview, the poor officer has to bear up with my DUMB ways. DUMB not in the mental faculties but the auditory ones. My ears had given up after so many takes offs and landings.

Roamed a while in duty free shops in the airport and boarded other flight to Atlanta.

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