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FlashBack #1

Zipped across a city towards a mega city with lots of thoughts in the mind.
Not the contemplative ones. None of them, not at all.
Somethings like trash had to be taken out that day etc.
Was on call all the while.
Hit the beautifully done expressway.
Reached city of dreams(?) Mumbai.
Next stop – airport.
Lack of time always makes me nervously angry. I was nothing less than a volcano. Erupting. Without a cause. Without a pause.
Just ensuring that I stonefy everything when I cool down. Either ways.

I was on my first international flight.
But there was no jubiliation no exaltation which occupies others I know/have known when they are where I was.
By that(where I was) I meant international airport and not waiting for 105 minutes delayed flight.
Noone likes it.
A 36 hour journey also awaited me and probably with the same attitude as I had towards it.

BTW, the day it started is better known as 17-july-2005 in the history of the world.
More flashbacks to come.

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