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Rush Hour

So, it so happened that day before yesterday night I with group of friends went for the War of Worlds showtime :: 2315. And it also happened that none of us liked the movie. Then we returned and chatted and gossiped && gossiped and chatted.
Then I went to sleep quite quite late or rather quite quite early.
I woke up next day very very groggy and went back to sleep. Then I happened to wake up around lunch time. I had to go out for lunch that day[i.e.]yesterday. so i happened to rush to a very very leisurely lunch which consumed 2 hours of the day. I happened to come back and do something worthwhile for just 2 hours and then rushed [again] for an outing.
SO, it happened that I landed at the same theater for; thankfully, a different and much much better movie—Sarkar.
No Problem. Then went for a lavish dinner. Returned home at 0130 today and chatted and gossiped && gossiped and chatted [again] with friends. Slept at 0230. Woke up with a start at 0845. Now I happen to tell you all this.

I guess it should be be with all.

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