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FlashBack #4

Aah! Bed. :)

FlashBack #3

Atlanta [Hartsfield-Jackson] Airport. You are beautiful.
You are artfully done and seem very nice and convenient and very sure of yourself.
Atlanta Airport, I like you. Your shining floor, your nice terminal-shuttle-buses, your mosaic on the wall, your shops.
Hmm… I definetely like you.

I never knew Atlanta Airport would take my thoughts so seriously.
And retain me in its gripping arms.
What! Does no one praises this poor beautiful big aeroplane garage??

My last leg of journey which was supposed to begin from here got cancelled.
And then started the frentic running across different far set wide terminals.

Got a brush with people of this country.
It is going to be differnt, very different here.

Finally got on a flight.
Sat next to a very very cute man.[Reminiscing : )]
...who had a very cute daughter. :(
Started towards my home-to-be-for -a month 3 hours after the scheduled time.

FlashBack #2

And then the journey started in the passage of sky. Passage of sky – the bearer of myriad of routes, the bearer of just a single route.
Had a stop at the fashion city. Very different type of airport it was.
I don’t remember the scheme but if I have to blurt out some colour/form association with Paris airport, it would be Pink and Glass.

I was going towards West and therefore adding a day in my life [don’t be jealous—I’ll fly back to East too]. The mornings and brunches just would not leave me alone. I waited for those hours to pass by, sensing unsensation creeping over my legs, shaking ‘em to shake it off.
the discomfort was very conveniently punctured by acute ear aches and want and deprive of sleep.

And, the hours lengthened by latent time of globe travel passed and ensured that dear me sets her foot in New York.
NOo, not the city, the airport. Yes, the airport :(
When you reach the country of your destination, and the city you want to reach is still far away, it becomes pretty pretty frustrating.
Now as for what memory of JFK Airport conjures up in my mind is that at my immigrations iview, the poor officer has to bear up with my DUMB ways. DUMB not in the mental faculties but the auditory ones. My ears had given up after so many takes offs and landings.

Roamed a while in duty free shops in the airport and boarded other flight to Atlanta.

FlashBack #1

Zipped across a city towards a mega city with lots of thoughts in the mind.
Not the contemplative ones. None of them, not at all.
Somethings like trash had to be taken out that day etc.
Was on call all the while.
Hit the beautifully done expressway.
Reached city of dreams(?) Mumbai.
Next stop – airport.
Lack of time always makes me nervously angry. I was nothing less than a volcano. Erupting. Without a cause. Without a pause.
Just ensuring that I stonefy everything when I cool down. Either ways.

I was on my first international flight.
But there was no jubiliation no exaltation which occupies others I know/have known when they are where I was.
By that(where I was) I meant international airport and not waiting for 105 minutes delayed flight.
Noone likes it.
A 36 hour journey also awaited me and probably with the same attitude as I had towards it.

BTW, the day it started is better known as 17-july-2005 in the history of the world.
More flashbacks to come.

Been there, done that

ahh.. its not that great.
Take my word on it.

I will elaborate it later (Hopefully—>ahh..gimme some more time and retention power)

I think I thaw a pussy kayt.

There are lots of things happening and very bloggically I am not getting any time to record them. Just wish and hope that I recall ‘em well and good.

1000 years

these plastic bags live. Plastic Bag
1000 years is the time they take to go away.
And they do a lot of damage in these 1000 years.

Therefore, BRAVO! to the Kenyan efforts.

Rush Hour

So, it so happened that day before yesterday night I with group of friends went for the War of Worlds showtime :: 2315. And it also happened that none of us liked the movie. Then we returned and chatted and gossiped && gossiped and chatted.
Then I went to sleep quite quite late or rather quite quite early.
I woke up next day very very groggy and went back to sleep. Then I happened to wake up around lunch time. I had to go out for lunch that day[i.e.]yesterday. so i happened to rush to a very very leisurely lunch which consumed 2 hours of the day. I happened to come back and do something worthwhile for just 2 hours and then rushed [again] for an outing.
SO, it happened that I landed at the same theater for; thankfully, a different and much much better movie—Sarkar.
No Problem. Then went for a lavish dinner. Returned home at 0130 today and chatted and gossiped && gossiped and chatted [again] with friends. Slept at 0230. Woke up with a start at 0845. Now I happen to tell you all this.

I guess it should be be with all.

More than I thought

& if you thought that I was over being frustrated—Why me—I am even more frustrated.
I am feeling more pathetic than I thought I could.

Catcher in the Rye

Hmm… Finished **Catcher in the Rye** [by J.D.Salinger].
The ‘*’s are not the rating. The book will take some time to assimilate.

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